Sunday, October 4, 2015

So I turned to my ward family....

Do you know what I thought of as I listened to Elder Larry Lawrence's talk 
at conference yesterday morning?

I thought of my sister Peggy back in 1974. Poor thing

My parents were in Colorado and I was running the show at home.
Peggy came down with a severe case of hives. She was 12, and I was 19. 

I continually kept Peggy covered with wet baking soda and then placed towels
all over her body to keep the baking soda from falling off. 

I put some blankets on the floor by my bed,
 so I could put fresh baking soda on her round the clock.
(uh, the patient should have been on the bed...sorry Peggy)

I guess it helped with the itching or I wouldn't have kept it up.
But still she was miserable.

Over a few days times she was not getting better. 
The hives kept spreading...(Was there Benadryl back then?)

I knew we needed a doctor to look at her.
but by then it was the weekend.

We recently had a young couple, Larry and Laurel Lawrence with their baby Case,
move into our ward...and I heard he was a I called him at home.

After all, Mom had told me many times our ward was our extended family.

Didn't phase me that Larry Lawrence was an eye doctor, and just beginning his residency.
Back then, to me, a Dr was a Dr.

But nevertheless this kind man came right over. 
He checked her hives and noticed the swelling of her joints 
and then told me we really should get her to a hospital. 

So we did just that. 

The Drs were concerned at first that Peggy had this rare disease of some kind.
She didn't. So she was treated and released. 
This was over 40 years I don't even remember what the treatment was.

But I've never forgotten how Brother Lawrence who came right over to our house to help.

And never even hinted that it was a bother.
Come to think of it, he acted like it was an honor.

And Elder Lawrence's talk yesterday?
You can watch it HERE:


Karen Mortensen said...

Elder Lawrence is a great man.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! Weren't you scared being in charge of this? Were you in contact with your parents during this time to get guidance?

Grandma Honey said...

No I don't remember being afraid, just worried about her. I was use to being in charge. I'd been taking care of everyone when my parents were out of town since I was 10. My Mom did call to ask how we were all doing and I told her all was well. I didn't want to ruin their trip. Looking back of course that was the wrong thing to say. Not having been a parent yet, I didn't get that a parent ALWAYS wants to know how their kids are doing...good or bad. At the time I thought I was doing the right thing by sparing my mom worry when she was so far away. I do remember the shocked look on her face when I told her all about it when they got home..especially the hospital episode. But Mom was just so happy and relieved it all turned out.

grandmapeg said...

Boy, Peggy did look miserable in that picture. And you put her on the floor beside you instead of your bed? Hmmm...oh well, she survived it all :-) I can imagine your mom's surprise when she got home but at least she was able to enjoy her trip which was very thoughtful of you!

Eileen said...

Just catching up here on your life/family a little, Jill!
I think of you so often!
All beautiful posts here! And I can't get over how grown the grandchildren are getting ~ such a beautiful family, I enjoyed reading about your visits.
And I'm glad you got some relief for your aching feet!
And I can commiserate with Dennis ~ I suffer from vertigo too. Not fun at all.
I cried watching the video of your Dad walking.

God Bless you, Jill.
God Bless your family.
Love and Prayers, Eileen

Rebecca said...

poor poor Peggy...she looks so sad here. It think it is interesting you took her picture.
Funny how we didn't want to tell anyone anything that would ruin their day back then...sometimes I wish it was like that now...

Valerie said...

Cool connection and I'm glad it ended well for your sister.

Scrapally said...

Poor Peggy. And what a wonderful story of Bro. Lawrence. Yes, I am thankful for ward families!