Friday, September 4, 2015

The promptings

This story, while it belongs to someone else, makes me realize I need to be more alert!

I hope it speaks to you like it has to me.

This young mom was in an accident that left her paralyzed. 
But her story is about something that happened to her before the accident. 

Go HERE for her little story.

Could this have happened to me before and I wasn't listening?


grandmapeg said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this story. It could very well have happened to me and I wasn't listening. This is such a good reminder to me of what I need to be doing more of.

Lisa said...

Love the layout of your blog Grandma Honey!!! I love seeing you evolve on this blog & looking forward to clicking on story & pondering the message.

Susan Anderson said...

Great story. I hope i can listen better for those promptings.


Karen Mortensen said...

Just saw here at Time Out for Women. She was great.