Monday, August 17, 2015

"They are not dead, they are just living somewhere else"

The title above was the actual name of the family history conference that was held at BYU last
month. I didn't attend, but I read about it and I can't stop thinking of these quotes by the speaker,
Gerald Lund:

"Surely those who have passed beyond can see more clearly through the veil back here to us 
than it is possible for us to see to them from our sphere of action....We are not separated from 
them...Isn't that a wonderful concept of service? They are watching over us, seeing what we are 
doing right and see what we are doing wrong. And trying to care for us and influence us."

For about the past 18 years, since my first husband died,
I've felt quite certain those who passed on before us, are very aware of us. 
We though, don't usually get that privilege...until later.

Even relatives we didn't know we had. There is that eternal connection.
Families are more powerful than the separation of death. 

 This is my Dad's cousin, Margaret Rozier Kountz. I never met her but she died a few weeks ago, I
learned on Facebook. I do have a few beautiful letters she wrote about our family history.

She was several years older than my Dad and remembered him as a little boy living on Rozier 
Avenue in Tuolumne, after house was one relative after another....
and it really was called Rozier Avenue.

In the 2 pictures of her below, I can see the resemblance Margaret has to my Dad.

I learned also a few years back that Margaret, or Marnie as people called her, was also known as 
Grandma Honey by her grandchildren. Don't know how that came about for her, but it makes me
happy to know there is a Grandma Honey in heaven now who I am related to.

Margaret is the daughter of Frank and Emma. 
Frank is my Grandpa Romeo's brother, as you can see by the chart below:


Anonymous said...

Jill Rozier Street is in Tuolumne, Ca.

cristie said...

thank you for sharing..."they are not dead, they are just living somewhere else." xox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Jill. It gives me more of an idea of who Margaret was, and I also loved the quotes! There was a 3rd Grandma Honey even further back in our history. Grandpa Romeo's Uncle Sam (or Alfred William) had 4 daughters, Madeline, Marie (the last person to live on Rozier Ave.),Juanita who became a nun and changed her name to Claire, and the 3rd daughter was Francis. She was known as Grandma Honey as well. I don't remember how I learned this, but I think it was in her obituary. I'll have to try to find it again.