Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Some relatives you've just got to love them the way they are

Since it's Family Camp week up in the mountains, that means guess who is in town? 
My brother Richard.

So he drives Hailey and Elora up there, then comes back to Clovis and sends me this text:

"What's for dinner Tuesday night? Chinese Haystacks?"

It took me until the next morning to figure out he was inviting himself to dinner,
which is fine with me. So I finally responded:

"So are you saying you want Chinese Haystacks 
tomorrow night?"

One word text back:


Chinese Haystacks seems more like party food and I wanted more than just the 3 of I invited a
few others. At first they said yes, and then something came up and they had to cancel.

So then I told Richard we would rather take him out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Yosemite Ranch.

We agreed to be meet there after his golf game at 4:45. At 4:27 we get a text from him that reads:

"I've got a table right where you requested."

He's 15 minutes ahead of us I tell Dennis. Why does this not surprise me?

So we walk into the Yosemite Ranch right about 4:45 and this is what we see in the distance...

We squinted our eyes as we came closer....."He's already eating??" Dennis asks me.

So his waitress shows up soon after we sit down..... and Richard says to her as he's pointing to
Dennis, "My Dad will be paying for this."

The problem was, the waitress didn't flinch or laugh or anything. She just said, "Okay."
Does she not notice Richard and Den are about the same age...Just a 3 year difference.

Then Richard said, "This is my graduation dinner."

Waitress goes on like this is all normal.

But it's never normal when we're with Richard.

But I gotta love him right? 

I do, especially considering he went up to camp and came home with this for me....

Elora and Hailey

Even got one of the girls washing dishes

He asked our granddaughter Téa (in the middle here) if he could take a picture for Grandma Honey.
She said, "I know her!"

Come back soon.
I'm working on a video with an announcement. 
Make that two announcements.


grandmapeg said...

Love the pictures of the girls, but now I am very intrigued about the two announcements!!!

Carly said...

oh man the lip sync battle at Family Camp was so amazing!!! Enoch is putting videos on YouTube right now and I will send you links as soon as it loads. :) The Heasley performance was especially epic.

Grandma Honey said...

I can't wait to see them Carly!

Karen Mortensen said...

Love the Family Camp pictures.