Sunday, July 26, 2015

Family Camp Lip Syncing Videos

In case you haven't seen these from the lip syncing contest up at Family Camp, here they are....

I will show them in the order they came to me, because how else do I decide.

1. Our DIL Amy with 4 of their kids, Laurynn, Chandler, Macie, and Austin.
Turn down the music though. Just warning you.

2. My niece Carly and Enoch's 6 children. How does 2 year old Mara stay SO focused!

3. My sister Peggy with some of her kids....Jake and his wife Katie, Sam's husband Brian, Ty
(who arrived home from his mission the day before they drove up there!), and Kaidy, and one girl I don't recognize (sorry)

4. My niece McKenzie with Elora and Hailey. 

5. My nieces Tess and Kate.


McKenna Heasley said...

Oh my goodness!!! I LOVED THESE! I have always wanted to go to family camp but now I want to go 10 times more. Do they plan and put these together up at family camp? Or do they have the whole year? I was really impressed with Austin's lip syncing skills! Their entire routine was awesome! It makes you want to be part of that family. And the Phantom of the Opera with Carly's kids was amazing! I laughed so hard. I love the costumes too. :) I love when Jake pops out and sings the part in Willy Wonka. It was so fun to see him and Katie. We miss them and everyone! And Elora and Hailey have some moves. I loved every one of these!

Grandma Honey said...

Loved reading your long, detailed comment McKenna!! Don't know the answers to your questions. I'm wondering the same though. :)

Karen Mortensen said...

Those were all darling. What fun.

Anonymous said...

Did Hailey and Elora grow a half a foot this last year, or what?

Richard said...

McKenna, productions like those are months and years in the making. you'd be a great family camper.

Tyler Heasley said...

Wow! They picked some great songs and did a great job. Hilarious. The Kenningtons...hahaha.

Peggy said...

The extra girl with our oompa loompa song was Chloe Swinney. She has been coming to camp for the past 12 years but her parents had to work, so we brought her with us. One of the best parts of Family camp is the campfires, thanks to Carly. (McKenna we definitely have to get you up here.) Carly gave us a couple of months to pick and practice our songs but I would guess most began practicing the days before we left or in our case that day.