Sunday, June 7, 2015

Welcome Home Davey!

So my nephew returned this week from his 2 year mission in 

The surprise to me was seeing his sister Brooke come in on the same plane.
As you can tell when you watch this, I wasn't sure how to react to that!

And some day I need to remember to ask Brooke what in the world she was carrying home with her.
Davey's home!! from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.


Peggy said...

Thanks so much for capturing that, I was so sad that I had to work and could not be there. I wept seeing Davey reunited with his family. We have 34 day until, our Ty comes home.
Peggy Sue

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Who was the little girl?

Grandma Honey said...

That is Sarah….Davey's niece and his parents first grandchild. She was born 4 months after he left.

Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks so much for this Jill. I wasn't able to be there so this was the next best thing. I cried when Robin hugged him.

Tyler Heasley said...

This was great seeing Davey! You can just see the Spirit emanating from him.

grandmapeg said...

There is nothing like a missionary's homecoming!!! Nothing!!!

Ashley said...

Such a great video! Thanks for making that Jill!

Susan Anderson said...

Some of my best memories are my sons' homecomings. So happy for all of you!


Robin said...

I just watched it again. Thanks, this is priceless to me!!