Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Part 2 of the FOOD on our trip

As  I said I would…..
here's what else we ate while in Washington…..

Fish tacos made for a perfect lunch after the Farmer's Market. 
I wish I could find a good fish taco place in our area. 
If there is one, please someone tell me.

We got to have dinner at Karen and Tyler's again. 
Tyler made his famous ham fried rice. Or rather his father in law's 
famous fried rice. He has made this before….

and we love it every time. Great how it's a meal all in one pan. 
Lots of vegetables and 6 eggs stirred in that. They also served 
some fruit but I was totally full from the rice.

Red Robin with boys and Karen…
Scarlett was sick so we missed McKenna and hers. 
Richie was sitting by me.

I feel like we had the place to ourselves….we kind of did.

Back to McKenna and McKay's for Chicken Tortilla soup….
again, from Pioneer Woman.

The toppings

Loved it so much I already made it after we arrived home.

apparently Richie and Scarlett thought it tasted great with a little dirt mixed in

Fun to finally meet Jared, one of McKenna's brothers. 
(He had just moved also to Vancover, and waiting for his wife and 3 kids to arrive in a few days!)

I came home soooo spoiled. We were well taken care of!
I realize Scarlett and Rich are missing from the pictures above. 
Didn't have the best luck getting family shots with active toddlers. 

But Richie tried to help….and snapped this one of his Mom
And this one of me. 
Life looks different up above when you are only 3 1/2 down below.

Speaking of Richie….

Rich looks so much like his mother, yet I also see a resemblance 
between him and my nephew Jake when he was that age. 

Below Jake is a little older…but do you see a little similarity?

Tyler, Jake, Ashley, Carly, and Lauren


Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like great times. Made me hungry.

Richard said...

Wow, who would have thought that such a skinny group would create such great looking food!

Try Antonio's at Herndon and Willow for good fish tacos.

Rebecca said...

The food looks good. I love The Pioneer Woman's Recipes. Most are so good, but you do have to be careful, some she uses a lot of butter!
The fried rice is fun too. I do this but use chicken breast instead of ham. I love having all the ingredients on hand for a quick dinner!

krheasley said...

We promise to keep making good food if you keep coming back to visit us! We so loved having you guys in town.

And you know, I can see what you're saying about Jake and Richie looking a little bit similar. Especially in their face shape and high foreheads. (Rich definitely didn't get his forehead from me--I have a three-head.)

Come back and see us soon!!

Tyler Heasley said...

We miss you guys so much.

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like you had LOTS of fun. And yes, I can see a resemblance there.