Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One of our steps to get ready!

A good friend recently suggested I get some books on CDs for our long drive to Vancouver. 
She said it would make the drive go by quicker. 

Another friend suggested I look for these talking books at the library. But when I presented 
my card, they said it was no longer good. I told them that's what they said last time too!
I guess I go once every 10 years or so. 

Or maybe it's been longer….
since I've been Mrs. Shelley for over 15 years now.
(I secretly like when someone accidentally calls me Jill Heasley.
I like that they remembered me then, when I had the same name as my sons.)

So I had to fill out all the new info for my new library card with a pencil they gave me. 
A pencil!  Signed my name that someone can erase. 
Libraries need to get with the times. 

Or maybe I need to, because I asked where their card files were and they pointed me to a 
computer. However, the place still looks and smells exactly the same. 
I love that library smell. I smell my childhood.

And also, when did they quit whispering in libraries? 

I warned Den before we walked in that we needed to be quiet or we'd get in trouble. I 
remember how controlling librarians can be. Sort of like Violet here.

Turns out those librarians were talking in every day voices. Who knew. 

And turns out we came home with 6 books to listen to.
None of these jump out at me, mostly because I've read 3 of them already…
but they're a start. I was hoping for a gripping novel but I don't know how to choose those.

I'm hoping Dennis will like them, being he's the driver and all.
We'll see. 

WIsh us luck. Traveling and I don't do so well.
But it will be worth it all to see our Vancouver grand babies. 


Anonymous said...

Good luck with traveling! And please keep us posted.

grandmapeg said...

Happy Trails! I'm so excited that you get to finally see your sons' homes and of course see those very cute grandchildren. We all take those audio books when we drive long distances. It does make the miles go by faster.

Richard said...

You can download any book you want to your phone and listen to it in the car...the only thing more antiquated than pencils in the library are audio books.

Richard said...

You could listen to the Serial podcast on your trip. It's a true story about a possible wrongful murder conviction. Dennis will love the court testimony, reconstruction of events, interviews, etc. it might even be available on CD by now if live streaming isn't available to you.

Grandma Honey said...

I tried that and nothing came up. How exactly do I find audio books online? Seriously, I don't know.

Heidi Ballas said...

Podcasts are different than audio books. You can listen to many podcasts for free on iTunes or Amazon has audiobooks you can download (after you pay for them). You can also use the website for audiobooks.

Not sure how with the times the Fresno County Library is, but down here, we can check out audiobook mp3s (digital audio files) or e-books (books you can read on smart phones or kindles) on the internet without even going to the library!

Personally, I love flipping through the local radio stations on road trips. It gives me a sense of the places we are driving through! My husband and I also turn off the radio and just sing together sometimes! But then again, it's never been difficult for me to strike up a conversation or entertainment myself. Maybe you should just call me on your way home? Hahahahaha! Give everyone my love!!!!!
P.S. The ducks are still hanging out at the Garvin's. I thought that was too funny!

Grandma Honey said...

Heidi….when I heard the ducks moved to your house I thought, your Mom will never have the heart to shoo them away like we did! :) And thank you for all the info about podcasts/audio books. Very helpful!

Susan Anderson said...

I liked the whispering days better. But I do like the computerized searching and checking out!

Dave and I have listened to book CDs while traveling, and it's kinda cool.