Saturday, March 28, 2015


We had a bit of heaven in our home yesterday.

My cousin Pat Rozier Nelson emailed and said she and her husband would be in town 
with her 92 year old mother, my Aunt Wanda. I was so excited to see her, and all of them, 
so we threw a little party in the middle of Friday afternoon.

Notice the center piece above? The table was empty in the middle and in walks Pat bringing the flowers 
and Yolanda bringing the WE ARE FAMILY sign. SO thoughtful they are!

Wonderful seeing my Dad and Aunt Wanda together again after all these years. I don't even know 
when the last time they saw each other was. Years, at least.

My kids were all either out of the country, out of state, or at work that day….except for Amy. 
So she snagged Kylie out of school and headed on over. 
(or was I not suppose to say that?)
Amy took me aside during the party and said something like, "Aunt Wanda is amazing. Really, she's 
92? Did you see how she gets out of a chair? Like no big deal!" 

And not only that, but so many of us commented on Aunt Wanda's shoes!
She was stylin.
I told Aunt Wanda, "You are SO pretty," and you know what she said to me?
"I know you were taught not to lie." 

Thanks to my cousin Ron I have this picture of Wanda from 1948!

My cousin Pat with her husband Bill and Aunt Wanda, drove all the way from Portland!

Pat with Bill, and My cousin Mike with his wife Karen.
Mike and Karen are South Dakota residents. They spend 6 months of the year in Fresno.
(or was that North Dakota?? yikes, I can't remember)

I think my cousin Ron is so cute! Always love the hat he wears.
When he saw the meal was gluten free, he asked if he could move in. :)

Yolanda (she is married to my cousin Ron) and cousin Pat.
We had some good talks on Friday. I think I could have talked for hours. 

Dad and Wanda were reminiscing about old times together. I wish I had put this on video!

The goodbyes are always the hardest part.
Thank you Pat, Wanda, and Bill for driving all this way to make this gathering possible. 

Thanks Dad for having me. I'm proud to be born into such a nice family. 
And thank you Susan for being a part of us all for the past over 7 years, and onto forever…


Richard said...

Thanks for posting! So fun to see. It's times like this we wish we lived closer. Whitney spent some time with Pat in Hawaii about ten years ago when she was enrolled at BYU-Hawaii...

Anonymous said...

Love the sign! And your Aunt Wanda is so cute! I love it that Amy took Kylie out of school for this. It shows where her priorities are. So much more important than school!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful day. Love the sign and the flowers they brought.

Rebecca said...

I think Aunt Wanda looks amazing!

And I love her shoes!

Yolanda said...

What a delightful day. Thank you Jill and Dennis for getting us together. We all loved it!!

Scrapally said...

How wonderful for you to all be together. Family is the best! Love the sign. Bless them for driving all the way and bless you for hosting such a special event.