Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The loser got to be a tree

Little Grant's preschool teacher asked his parents if one of them would dress up as a tree 
and be in the St Patrick's Day parade that goes down Main Street. 

This was not something either of them wanted to do, so guess what? 
They decided to have a board game championship and the loser had to be the tree. 

So guess who lost?.... Or won... all in how we frame it. 

This is what good Dads do, right?

Not sure how the dog fits in to all this….
but Grant was sure happy to see his little sister, Scarlett.

What an endearing little tail Grant has. 
McKenna made his costume, and McKay's too.

A reporter saw Scarlett smelling dandelions at the parade 
and said her picture would be on the front page of the 
newspaper the next day!….but…..

We were all disappointed to learn they did indeed write about 
Scarlett in the paper, however, the picture they had was not 
Scarlett but another child instead. Total mixup!

Here's the first little part of a long newspaper article about it. 
Great how little Miss Scarlett got top billing….
just wish they had the right picture! (which I will not include here)

"Scarlett Heasley, 19 months, was too busy picking a bouquet of dandelions to notice the parade 
marching by her Tuesday afternoon. Her mom, McKennah Heasley, waved at the marching students. 
Somewhere in the parade lineup was her son, Grant, who attends preschool programs at xxxxxx 
The Heasleys were joined by hundreds of students, staff, families and neighbors on Tuesday afternoon 
for the 24th Annual Paddy Parade, featuring every student in the school……. 


grandmapeg said...

Hey, McKay is one good looking tree and his being in that parade with Grant is one for the memory books. Loved the costumes! The big question for me is, how big of a town do they live in because for that being a parade down main street, the background looks like a small, older town which I love those kinds.

McKenna Heasley said...

McKay does make an excellent tree. :) He is a wonderful Dad. We are so lucky!
Pam- Vancouver is about 150,000 people. The parade was in downtown and i probably didn't take the best shots of it! :)

Scrapally said...

Great pics! Darling costumes and children...not a bad tree either! :) Too bad the paper messed up their pictures. Oh well, you got the right one! What fun parents to do all that for their children...

Karen Mortensen said...

How sweet is all this!!! Mckay is a good sport.

Susan Anderson said...


Tree-mendoub job!