Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I wasn't expecting this

Last night as I was coming home from running some errands, I 
thought I would swing by Fresh and Easy to pick up a few things.

Uh, not going to happen.

I walked in and saw this

I'd had no idea they were closing! 
(This shouldn't have been a shock to me, but it was.)

This nice little store never had a chance 
with this big store across the street...

and another one, Save Mart, on the opposite corner.

But that's why I liked that little store. It was never crowded. 
I often had the store all to myself. For nearly 5 years.
And they had a nice gluten free section.

But you know what I really liked about it? It was here that my 
granddaughter Elora taught me how to use the self serve check out.

We came here many times after school 
so she could try the samples while we shopped.

We liked the close up front parking for moms (and Grandmas.)

(Elora is only 8 here, and Cami is just 5 1/2. These pictures were taken 7 days before Violet was born.)

I went back to this store one last time early this morning. I started 
taking pictures but was told, "No photography in here M'am." 

That made no sense to me. So I asked the clerk if I could at least 

walk around the empty aisles one last time. He went with me. 

I told him…"but my granddaughter use to dance in this aisle…
so could I please take a picture of it?" 

He said "Sure M'am." I like the man's heart. 

No more dancing in the aisles. 

I wish Elora could have been with me this morning. 
She's 12 now!

Good bye Fresh and Easy. 
Since you took your food away, looks like I will have to go 
elsewhere to make more memories. 

It's been a nice 5 years.


Anonymous said...

Never been in one of those. Why did it close?

Rebecca said...

Oh sad. I hate it when somewhere you are used to and have memories of closes....

Karen Mortensen said...

I hate to see good stores like that close. Hope you are able to find a good store.

Scrapally said...

Why no pictures? It's an empty store. Strange. Glad he let you take one...I am surprised it lasted as long as it did with the big grocery stores right there. Also glad you have some pictures of your happy memories there. :)

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene…I'm thinking it closed because I was pretty much their only customer. Not really, but it seemed like that to me at times. Too much competition on that corner for them to survive.

Scrapally…That was my thinking exactly. I would have honored their request better not to photo had their shelves not been empty.

Raven said...

I know they were harassed by the unions. Sprouts also has union reps picketing out front. These are private businesses being bullied by the union, and it's unfortunate.

Travis LeMaster said...

Their parent company Tesco (British) struggled here in the U.S. They are huge in the UK, like Walmart is here