Monday, March 2, 2015

A way they show support

In McKay and McKenna's ward there is this little 5 year old boy who was just diagnosed 
with an inoperable brain tumor. Since pink is his favorite color, their ward is all
 trying to show support by coming to church dressed in pink!

 McKay, McKenna and Scarlett last Sunday (Grant was already in his little class.)

I've never seen a ward dressed in pink before. I would have loved it. 
Not so much the color of it all, but the spirit of love!


Anonymous said...

love it!

Karen Mortensen said...

How sweet.

Scrapally said...

That is so sweet! I would have loved to see the whole pink ward too.

McKenna Heasley said...

So grateful we got to be a part of this. I'm so grateful for our wonderful ward and sweet Joel.