Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Walk and the other 4 books

So captivated by The Walk, I had to keep on reading each new one in the series….
and here I am a month later, and as of late last night, I've read all FIVE.

This is so not like me. I'm generally not interested in fiction. 
But this series sucked me in. Den, too. He's on book 4 right now.

Did you know, dozens of people called the author from their death beds 
because they wanted to know how his series was going to end before they died? 

And did you know that on "multiple of occasions" 
this series interrupted someone's plan to commit suicide? 

I like it because this series is about PEOPLE.
All he met walking across America.
Made me realized, once again, that EVERYONE has a story.

Yes, I know the people are fictitious characters, but still…like my mom use to say
 about fiction, "I'm sure it happened somewhere!"

This series also makes me want to go out and about, and talk to more strangers.

What do you say when you talk to a stranger?

Some ideas I found today:

"Have you seen any good movies lately?"
"What is your favorite restaurant around here?"
"Tell me about your dog" (this one seems a bit out there)
"What have you been interested in lately?" (too presumptuous)
What famous person do people tell you that you look like because you look so familiar?
(most everyone looks familiar to me so this might work)


Anonymous said...

I love what your mom said about fictional stories! I'll check out The Walk.

pebble said...

I love your questions to ask. The dog one works particularly well if they are walking a dog. It also works on elementary school children, they often tell me about their pets. :) I think the interested in question would have to come way into a conversation to work out for me. I've read the first few books in this series, but haven't completed it yet!

Grandma Honey said...

Right, if they have a dog with them it would work to ask about it. Other than that, can't see myself standing in an elevator and turning to the person next to me, and saying, "Tell me about your dog." Very awkward.

I think it's very easy to talk to children about anything. They are always ready to make a new friend. I imagine you hear some very funny things working at the elementary school!

Rebecca said...

hummmmm.......maybe I should get this series to read, I will have lots of reading time coming up real soon! said...

This was a fantastic series for me. I too am not as interested in fiction...but in same ways with actual places and dates mentioned, it seemed to have just enough non fiction for me to love. Im going to reread them here soon, there was so much to absorb. Completely fascinated by them...glad you loved them too! :)

McKenna Heasley said...

I want to read this series! Dennis was telling me about it on his birthday. I feel like you are already so good at talking to strangers. I might have to try out some of these questions. :)

Rebecca said...

The dog question, maybe you could just ask if they have any pets and go from there? I like these questions though.