Saturday, December 6, 2014

Santa didn't even look like Dennis

He arrived like anyone else…..

Then later when he thought when no one was looking,
 he stepped inside one of the classrooms at the church.

 Elora came with us….since it was her ward. 
Her job was to let us know 
when Santa was to make his appearance.

Something I never thought I would do is help Santa get dressed.

 Finally he is ready, 
Elora gives the signal to the waiting audience….
and out the door he goes

 Oh no. There's a stray boy in the hallway. 
Guess he was too excited to wait like the others.

 If I hadn't helped dress Santa, I wouldn't have even recognized Dennis under there. He just did not resemble himself.

 So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when 
Cami and Violet didn't recognize him either. 
Cam was looking for an escape.

And Violet was not her happy self.

 Santa talked to over 50 kids, and some very interesting ones. 
Like this Mom who was showing him her daughter's list 
on her phone.

 And this sweet man in his wheel chair wanted to visit Santa too.

Entire families wanted to pose with him.

And itty babies who went right for the wrapper….

With proud new parents looking on….
anxious to scoop their son right back into their arms.

 Some wanted no part of this.

 And were looking for someone to rescue them.

 I don't know the children below, 
but could you not pick them out in a crowd as being siblings!

Finally it was my turn, after I adjusted his beard.

And even a missionary from Columbia 
wanted his picture taken with Santa.

 Before I end this post, 
I want to show you the great looking spread of brunch food at 
Brock and Erin's ward this morning.

Why wait to sit down and eat?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

But first, let's go back nearly 60 years!
I wanted someone to rescue me too back in 1955.
And that Santa….does he look bored or what?


Anonymous said...

You're looking mighty good for someone who has been so sick! Steve photographed children on Santa's lap for years, and I was an assistant. Children are often scared of Santa, I found. Den is a good sport! And a pretty cute Santa, too!

Grandma Honey said...

Thanks Darlene. I've made an amazing recovery. I will write soon. :)

Scrapally said...

Love that last picture of the two of you! what a fun event for that ward...Merry Christmas!

Susan Anderson said...

I didn't even know you'd been sick! That proves I've stayed away from blogland too long. Glad you are feeling better now. (I missed our ward Christmas party last night because of a bad cold, darn it. But I am on the mend.)

Love that picture of you with "Santa."


Anonymous said...

Den is a friendlier, more engaged-looking Santa. And you, Jill, are super-cute, even when you were crying.

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene…back in 1955 there was most likely a huge line of baby boomers waiting to see Santa. That poor man was probably just going through the motions by the time I got on his lap.

grandmapeg said...

You should have dressed up as Mrs. Claus. Your glasses and smile look the part even without white hair 😀 Loved the last picture of you when you were little.

krheasley said...

So cute!! Dennis makes the best Santa Claus.

This is such a fun little adventure. I love it.

We sure miss you guys!

Kris said...

Boy, this sure brings back the best memories when dad would do this when we were younger. Kim and I were teens and he encouraged us to do something nice for the families we would babysit for. So every Christmas we would go deliver presents to them and dad would play the part as Santa. Love him for so many things he has taught me in life.