Saturday, November 1, 2014

Family from Logan, Utah!

We got to have lunch yesterday with Den's daughters, 
Kim and Kris, 
and we didn't even have to enter a drawing for it!

...unlike the conference they are speaking at for several 
days….where a lucky winner will be chosen to eat lunch with 
them. Whoever the winners are, they will love being with Kim and 
Kris. Everyone does.

But especially their children.

So we got to keep Rachel and Robbie here with us for several days.
Being around these two we are often finding ourselves 
stifling laughs from the things they say.

On the way to the restaurant the other night I asked them 
what they usually have for breakfast at home.
Rachel said she loves these "little packets of dust" 
they stir into milk. 
Sounds tasty! :)

They are incredibly helpful and polite.

I snuck in their bedrooms yesterday morning 
and this is what I saw…..

Not only did they make their beds, 
but they had their Halloween costumes laid out just so….

Cracks me up the way Robbie has even his hat there at the top, 
and the rest of his ensemble ready to grab
 and put on when it's time to party!

It felt so good to have them at our family dinner. 
All the way from Logan, Utah.

We wish all the cousins could have been together last night, 
but at least we had these 4 with us. 

AND, thank goodness for the internet and cell phones….
we got to see these grandchildren, too.

 Richie and Leo!

And this next one isn't Richie's costume…but….
Rachel and Robbie hadn't seen Richie in over a year, so they 
looked at this one and said, "Wow, he looks way different now." 
I guess they thought those really were his glasses!

Cami, Elora, and Violet!

There is just something about the look on Violet's face, 
the personality I know she has, and that HAIR.

Scarlett and Grant!

Made me laugh what one of McKenna's relatives said 
when they saw these photos:
"Makes me want to yodel, eat bratwurst and a carrot."  

Goodbye Halloween 2014


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, such adorable costumes! They are all my favorites. Thank you for sharing these awesome photos. pjc

Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful time.

Richard said...

Wow...those kids are much tidier in the guest room than Chickee and me. Did they pay a little extra for the maid service? Good thing Wendy makes jewelry otherwise you'd change the locks when we're in town!

grandmapeg said...

What fun!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

EG CameraGirl said...

Every one of these photos is a keeper. These kids are going to want to see these photos someday when they are adults! :)

yaya said...

Love this! Nothing better than fun times with all those beautiful Grandkiddos. That little Violet looks like a doll! This has been a fun Halloween!

Karen Whittal said...

What a large and beautiful bunh of grandchildren you have they are certainly a blessing