Thursday, October 16, 2014

The double baby shower

Just inside the door of the double shower for my nieces, 
at my sister's home….

My Dad greeted the guests as they came through….
which I thought was a very nice touch
….even for his great granddaughter, Sarah.

 My SIL Suzanne!

My sister, Heidi!

 And as usual, I have no consistency with my pictures. I didn't come close to capturing everyone who
was there. Just whoever I was near at the time, and in between conversations.
For that reason, and many more, I could never get a job as a photographer.

My nieces who are due with little girls, 2 weeks apart! 
Natalie is due Jan 2nd, and Lindsay, Dec 17th. 
They both definitely have that beautiful pregnancy glow.

Erin arriving with gifts covered by Brock's art.

Oh, you want to see it up close?

Susan looking like a model!

So onto the food…
How can my sister Peggy still be that cute 
AND be a Grandma of seven?
(my niece Lindsay's husband, Gard, in the background)

 Fruit Kabobs and Yogurt Cups

Sandwiches and salad

And donuts for those, who….like donuts.

Jay with his Daddy, Bret. 
Just think, Jay was the unborn star at  the last baby shower.

The happy helpers, 2nd cousins: Elora and Hailey

Lots of mothers and daughters came.
Like, Kylie and Amy

Lindsay with Jenny Parker

My brother Richard with grandson Jay. 
He only had to wait over 6 decades for his boy. 

The soon to be Mamas opened gift after gift. 
Elora and Hailey were the happy helpers.

The joy!

Lots and lots of friends and family I didn't photo, too.

I have to include THIS LINK.
Lindsay sent it to me, and it's crazy

As I watched it I kept thinking….is this really for real? And she says it is.


Richard said...

Another great post...sure glad there was a pro photographer there.

Susan Anderson said...

Your dad is looking good…as is the whole family. Such exciting times!


Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

Kary Nelson said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos! I really wish that I could have been there--it looks like it was so much fun. I know Gard and Lindsay had a great time!