Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More of my mystery grandmother

Of all the pictures my cousin gave to me, the two below 
mean the most, and I will tell you why.

In the first picture, sitting on the left, is of my 
Grandma Leonie LaBarthe Rozier, my Dad's mother! 
She died at the age of 42 when my Dad was only 6 years old.

So I never met her, and she remained a mystery to me all my life.

This was 1920 and she was only 25. That was ten years 
before she had my Dad. She looks so pretty to me. 
And oh, those eyes of hers, those eyes….they look familiar.
(I'm not sure who the woman standing next to her is, maybe her sister? )

And then this one…..

The above picture was taken in 1941, just 3 years after my Dad's 
mother died. See those two women on both sides of that older 
woman in the picture (who looks like a man)? THAT would be my 
Dad's Grandma LaBarthe, or my Great Grandma. 
I had never seen her before! 

The two women on both sides of my Great Grandma LaBarthe are 
my Dad's aunts….sisters of his deceased mother. 

The two women in front are my Aunt Leonie and Aunt June. 
Not sure who the boys are in the back. I'm thinking they must be 
sons of one of the 2 sisters surrounding Great Grandma LaBarthe.

They all look so French.

My cousin also gave me this picture of my 
Grandpa Romeo Rozier, my Dad's Dad. 

This last one is a picture of my Dad's oldest siblings:
 Irving, June, and Leonie,  "on the last day of school." 

Who takes pictures of their kids on the last day of school? 
I never did. I never even thought of that.

My apologies to my Great Grandma LaBarthe for saying she 
looks like a man. She looks like she's missing her teeth, such a 
hard life. She died at age 70, just 2 years after that picture was 
taken. I wish I could have known her. Someday I will.


Rebecca said...

Such fun old pictures! I think it is fun when you can see yourself or your kids/grandkids in these faces!
Where did they live at the picture taking time?

grandmapeg said...

What a treasure you have with all of these old pictures!! I hope you have scanned them on your Family Search program. Anyway, yes, I think life was very hard back in those days so dental work just wasn't done, so no wonder you don't see smiles when pictures were taken back then.

Grandma Honey said...

Since most of them lived and died in Stockton, Ca, I'm guessing that's where it was. My Great Grandma and beyond, came from France and then migrated out here.

Anonymous said...

In the second picture I think the one you identify as June is actualy
Wanda (Irv's wife)

Grandma Honey said...

Well then I guess I'm confused Dad….because the little boy in front is David, June's son, and the picture is labeled that it's June. But you would know better than me.

Grandma Honey said...

So Dad, had you ever seen that picture before? I love it!

Anonymous said...

No I had never seen that photo before.


Richard said...

Wow! You continue to amaze...I'm with you. I think that picture is June, not Wanda.

Susan Anderson said...

A always love the old pictures, and yes, they DO look French.