Monday, September 22, 2014

Tyler's Ham Fried Rice

This is Tyler's special recipe that he got from his father in law, 
who used to be a chef. We all really enjoyed this last night. 

It's a mixture of lots of good things like brown rice, carrots, 
onions, eggs, ham, soy sauce and an entire package of peas. 
A meal in itself. The recipe is on Tyler's blog.

 He made it in my Ninja cooker, but at home he uses his wok. 
Or you could use a large frying pan.

Rich and Leo loved it too, and they are at ages, well….
let's just say they don't like everything…
but they do LOVE their Daddy's rice.

The only changes Tyler made in the recipe was 
he used safflower oil instead of peanut oil, and 6 eggs instead of 4.

 Formal diners we are not. We're going on 11 days of paper plates.

And it made enough that we had leftovers for lunch!

We are savoring our time together 
which is soon coming to a close. 
Less than 2 days and they will fly away back to Washington.


grandmapeg said...

Ham fried rice is one of my favorites and Tyler's rice looks so delicious!!! I could eat and eat that and not get tired of it. I have never heard of a Ninja cooker. I must not look in the kitchen department at the stores. Is it more like a Wok or a slow cooker?

Grandma Honey said...

The Ninja is a stove, oven, and slow cooker in one…depending what button you push.

Scrapally said...

Looks yummy! When we make sweet and sour chicken, Amanda makes this for us, minus the ham. We love it! I need to look into that Ninja too...looks fun!