Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fresh off the plane from Vancouver, Washington….

Do you know what this little 3 year old grandson of ours did as he came off the plane to greet us? 
He put his hand out to me as if he were getting ready to shake it, and and said, 
"Hi Grandma Honey! I'm in California." 

Yes, we get to have his parents and brother with us too for 11 days!

 And in spite of us all staying up too late talking last night, 
Tyler got up for his regular church meeting at 6am, in Washington, via computer and phone.

Then when the rest of us got up, we all went to church together.
We got to hear a talk about being kind and
how we should practice it so much that it is second nature to us.

We did feel a little anxiety after church when Karen lost her phone.
After some searching, Find my iPhone saved the day and told us it was in the car.

Soon I will give you the recipe of what we had for breakfast.

Dennis says you will love this.
But then he eats it twice every day; for breakfast and his bedtime snack.
And sometimes after lunch, too, as dessert.


McKenna Heasley said...

That has to be your granola recipe coming up!!! I am so excited! We lived off of it at your house and we have been missing it. I can't wait to try it!

grandmapeg said...

Those little grandsons have sure grown a lot! Such handsome boys! You are sure having fun with your out of state children! I'm glad I just read McKenna's comment because I couldn't figure out what those pans were filled with. Waiting for the recipe....

Karen Mortensen said...

So glad they were able to come. Have a wonderful visit.

Susan Anderson said...

That must be great to have them for so long. Looking forward to that recipe!