Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nicole and Nate's adventure!

Remember a while back on my blog I wrote about how my Dad gave this letter to all his married grandchildren:

This post is about Nicole and Nate's adventure.

For those who are not as familiar with our family, 
Nicole is the daughter of my brother Scott and his wife Kim….they are at the beginning of this photo.
Scott, Kim, Kate, Nate and Nicole, Tess, Taylor and his finance Natalie.
(Tanner is on his mission in Australia) 

Made my day when Nicole emailed me and asked if I wanted to 
put her adventure on my blog. 
Uh YES I do! Here are her words:

"I can't tell you how many of my friends have asked to be adopted into my family since 
finding out about our "adventure money." I feel so lucky to have such an awesome Grandpa. 
When we first got the letter, we went back and forth between 100 different ideas for our trip 
before finally deciding on Kauai. The whole trip kind of fell into our lap, almost like the 
universe wanted us in Kauai. Everything just worked out so perfect between the letter, Nate 
being able to get that week off work, and our good friends inviting us on to join them on their 
trip this summer. Kind enough to offer us our own house to stay in and car to get around the 
island. Before our trip, I hadn't heard much about Kauai other than it was more rural than the 
other islands, but its beauty was definitely understated. The changes in scenery from the 
white sand beaches to the beautiful, green, lush mountains were so drastic and breath taking

We were able to do and see so much in the 10 days we were there. We went cliff jumping, off
roading, we swam with sea turtles, hiked through the jungle, tubed a mile down an enclosed sugar cane
irrigation tunnel, discovered hidden rope swings, and went running on the most gorgeous beach trail
every morning.

I can't believe I had never heard of the Na Pali Coast prior to planning this trip. For me, it was the
highlight of my trip. It is truly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in person, not even kidding!
Neither pictures nor video do it any justice. The only way to get to the coast is by boat or helicopter, we
went via catamaran and in the process learned a lot of the history of Na Pali, like how the old Hawaiian
Kings are buried there and the legends and folklore of the caves and the waterfalls that line the coast,
the experience made it that much more spectacular.  I'm not gonna lie when we pulled around the
corner to get our first view of it, I got a little teary eyed, it really is that magnificent.  If it's not on your
bucket list, it should be.

Our whole group before tubing through the enclosed irrigation tunnel with glow sticks.  Heather and
her boyfriend, Steve, are two of the nicest souls we know. Plus Heather has the cutest, funniest kids,
they were cracking us up the whole trip.

Fun fact about this spot, lots of scenes from famous TV shows and movies were filmed here, such as
Lost, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, just to name a few.

We had an unbelievable week and are so grateful for the unforgettable memories we were 
able to make thanks to our gracious friends and family! Here is a little video we put together 
from our week:"

Kauai Adventure from nicole on Vimeo.


Richard said...

Great video. Thanks for sharing! I hope some of your cousins do the same!!

McKenna Heasley said...

I loved that video!!! I can't believe all of the things they were able to do and how beautiful it is there!

Grandma Honey said...

I agree McKenna. I also can't figure out how they got some of that incredible footage.

Logan and Amy said...

I loved the video! It makes me want to go there right now! I am definitely putting this on my bucket list! Nicole is so beautiful!

grandmapeg said...

What a great adventure! That island is so beautiful. I went there in the early 70's with a friend and her family. Out of all of the islands we visited, that was the most beautiful.

Susan Anderson said...

What a cool thing for your dad to do.

We've been to Kauai and loved it. Such fun.