Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I might say…inseparable.

So we took Hailey and Elora to see Music Man Saturday night. 
They were both looking forward to intermission…so instead of 
going with them, I handed them some money for their treats and 
told them to stay together. 

But if you know me, I couldn't just sit there in the theater, 
waiting for them to return. So unbeknownst to them, 
I followed them and this is what I saw:

(Stay together?? Did I really need to say that?)

Stopping to get a drink of water.

Then I sort of hid a little….
and let them buy their food, and then appeared to get this picture.

When the play was over it was after 10pm 
and they were so tired…. 
(after all, they just returned home from Family Camp that very day!)

But they were able to make it out to the car.

Hailey's Mom would be so happy to know these girls have remained close.
But seriously, I'm certain she does know. 


Karen Mortensen said...

How sweet. I am so glad they are close.

Richard said...

Thank you for being such a great influence in their lives!

McKenna Heasley said...

I always love posts of these two! And I miss Elora so much! She is pretty darn amazing.

Anonymous said...

Music Man? One of my all-time favorites. So why were they looking forward to intermission? They weren't interested in the play itself? And why didn't you go? Seen it too many times? (I'm sure I've seen it 20 times on stage due to various of my kids being in it over the years.)

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene, I was there! I was the one taking the pictures :) and hiding along the way while they went to intermission. Elora had seen Music Man before but I think they were literally so very tired that night and looking for their treat!

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene….reading it over I can see where it sounds like I wasn't there. So I changed some words around.

Lisa said...

How can you not melt? They are so CUTE & BFF!

Susan Anderson said...

Cousins are the best friends ever.