Monday, July 14, 2014

And the helpers came

 Tyler and Karen moved into their very first home over the 
weekend, in Vancouver, Washington! About 15 minutes away 
from McKay and McKenna.

 See that man on the far left? That's Jay. He is married to Karen's 
mother and he came all the way from Texas to help
Karen and Tyler paint and move into their home. 
(I even heard he pulled a couple all-nighters!)
 Not only that but he was so kind to send me pictures, updates and 
videos since we are a million miles away in California.

My thanks also to Karen's mom 
who is there helping with everything.
I am so so grateful she is there.

And you know what else made me so happy but not surprised? 
Many people Karen and Tyler never even met, arrived on the scene 
to help. They were from their new ward at church. Working all 
together, they all unloaded that truck in less than 15 minutes!
What peace it gives this Grandma Honey, who lives so far away, 
that the church is there waiting for them. Ready made friends 
where ever they move to, where ever they go. 

Gorgeous greenery from their new back yard!

Richie picking and eating blueberries right out their back door. 

 I'm hearing reports that this little guy, Leo, 
is having a great time exploring new territory.

The happy family the day they moved in, along with their realtor. 

 Doesn't this look like such a sweet home to walk into?
I can hardly wait to see it all in real life! Soon, soon. 


Scrapally said...

It's a lovely home and yard! So happy for them...and for you when you get to go help them eat the berries! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Looks like such a beautiful home in a lovely neighborhood. Perfect for raising a family! Nice backyard. Are there children in the neighborhood?

Karen Mortensen said...

Good for them. So happy for them.

Richard said...

Jay is the man! Also good to see Brock using his teleporting powers for good.

grandmapeg said...

Beautiful home and beautiful yards...front and back!! So nice that they had so much help. I can hardly wait for you and Dennis to go visit both of your sons' homes! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Rebecca said...

How exciting for them! So nice they had helpers. John's brother and his family live in Vancouver! Maybe they are in the same ward? We will have to check!!

Brock said...

Richard, I'm always there when needed, night or day, rain or trainsdimensionally displaced highway.

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene…I'm not sure how many children are in the neighborhood, but 5 live right across the street from them. :)

krheasley said...

Things have been so crazy, but we are so excited to be here! We are loving this house!

Jay was amazing in helping us make some (much needed) updates to our home. We loved this house, but now we love it even more!

And special thank you to Brock and Elora who had been driving all day, I think, before coming over to help paint.

We can't wait to show it to you guys in person!

Lisa said...

I LOVE their house! How EXCITING!!!
Great post Grandma Honey!