Sunday, June 15, 2014

Random thoughts about my Dad


Here are just some random thoughts on my mind today about my Dad:

*When I was a teenager I casually mentioned how some guy I didn't know 
kept trying to put his arms around me after school….
So next day here comes my Dad at school just at the time I told him that guy usually appears. 
The guy was a no show that day, but I have never forgotten how my Dad came to my rescue.

Dad with 4 of his 8 children back in 1958
I still visit that neighborhood in my dreams.

*When I was recovering from mono (and it was a very long recovery) one evening my Dad brought me 
a Shamrock shake from McDonalds. It tasted wonderful and I told him. He brought me so many after 
that, I got sick of them. But I do think of Dad's sweetness every March, even all these years later.

*Dad would often buy old cars on the side, and clean them up and sell them. 
I would watch the potential customers in our driveway ask him questions like,
"So are the tires good?"
They're older
"How about the brakes?"
Not the best
"Does it run smooth?"
It could be better.
And on the conversation would go. As a young girl I would think, who is going to buy from him with 
answers like that?? He did sell those cars, but more importantly, I learned honesty from him. Tell the 
truth and let the consequences follow, is what my parents would say.

*Dad knew I liked different foods and he would sometimes bring me home 
grape leaves and baklava from an Armenian restaurant across town.

Running in one of his 50 mile races, in Oregon.

*He quit smoking cold turkey in 1955 when he decided to join the Mormon church and be baptized. 
He never looked back. But he did tell me just recently that the cravings were there for YEARS. He 
would even dream about smoking. This is huge to me.
Many cannot quit their addictions. He did it overnight.

*Dad would drive me school most mornings when I was a young teenager 
because it was right near his office. I would look over at 
him there in the driver's seat and be in awe over how good looking he was.
None of my friends' Dads looked as good as he did. He's still got it.

Okay, so this picture is blurry and I'm not in it….but it gives you an idea of quite the group we were!

*One afternoon when my parents were older I was over visiting. My Mom left out the kitchen door to 
walk to the mail box. My dad stood by the dining room window and just stared at Mom as she walked. 
He said to no one in particular, "That is one really good woman." And he just kept watching her.

*I never once heard my Dad raise his voice to my Mom or to anyone. 
I didn't think that was so remarkable at the time. I just thought all fathers were like that.

*My most cherished memory of all, is how Dad would sit by my Mom's side 
all those years she had Alzheimer's, and care for her every need.

*My Dad knows how to choose women. We are so thankful to have Susan in our life now. 
Not only for all the loving care you extends to my Dad day and night, 
but for all the goodness and happiness and fun she has brought to our lives.


Karen Mortensen said...

I just love your dad. He is awesome.

Anonymous said...

nostalgia isn't what it used to be..


Anonymous said...

Love that you preserve all these sweet memories.

grandmapeg said...

What a terrific dad you have!! And I agree, he is a very handsome man. This was such a sweet tribute to him!

Anonymous said...

Dad never loses his sense of humor! This is such a loving and beautiful tribute! I really enjoyed reading it along with the other past entries that were so insightful about him, and makes me appreciate him even more!


Richard said...

Thanks. This is your best post ever! I bought Whitney a shamrock shake one time,. We were on vacation driving a convertible. She got so overheated in the direct sun that the shake made her miserably sick and that was the end of that.

Also, I remember dad smiling and waving at the people he had cut off, not the other way around. I do the same now. It's very disarming.

Our dad really is one in a million.

Scrapally said...

very sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Grandma Honey said...

uh oh….I meant that the other way around Richard.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and in that top picture, you look like Tea. (how do you make that accent on top of Tea's name?)