Monday, June 30, 2014

My baton has been passed to the next generation

Laurynn is in the hospital with pneumonia

Amy is by her side round the clock. That's what Moms do. 

Three days ago I had the twins overnight and 
Téa was sick the entire time.

Logan came to visit them right before he left for work. 
I asked if he would bring 1 or 2 popsicles for his fevery daughter. 
He brought 27. That's what Dads do.

Last week while Elora was staying with me she talked while I 
made dinner. I mentioned to her that her Dad called to ask how she 
was doing. She rolled her eyes and sighed, "My Dad is paranoid. 
He even checks on us when we're sleeping!" 

I told her that's what parents do. 
(I have to say hearing the word "paranoid" made me smile and feel happy.
I'm glad to know my baton has been passed.)

Get Well sweet Laurynn. We are praying for you.  

Meanwhile the twins are playing with Tyler's old Star Wars figures for Four FIVE hours straight,
only breaking for dinner. Then I will package them back up, and save them for Tyler and Karen's boys. 

While the twins are in their own Star Wars world right now, they ask me questions as I walk by:

Did Tyler use to live here?
Did he use to be our age?
Why did he grow up?
 Did he grow up fast?
Did he have lots of birthdays?
How many birthdays did he have?
Did you use to babysit him?
Did you ever have any babies?
What happened to them? Where did they go? 

I often wonder the same thing.


Karen Mortensen said...

What sweet and wonderful people you have in your family. Hope Lauryn feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE the questions that the twins asked! They remind me of my Gabe asking me at about their age: "Mama, are you growing faster than me?" "No, why?", "Then why are you bigger than me?"

Grandma Honey said...

I know what you mean Darlene. I love the questions too. Gabe's reasoning made perfect sense to him!

grandmapeg said...

Poor Laurynn. I hope she feels better soon. The questions little kids ask are so amusing to me. I love their inquiring minds!

Rebecca said...

Ha! I love it when I see myself in my kids.
And usually with things they gave me a hard time with when they were kids!

krheasley said...

Oh poor Laurynn! I hope she feels better quickly--and that Amy gets some rest, too!

Kids are the best.

Scrapally said...

Love the questions...very cute! And Laurynn looks way to cute for being sick and in a hospital! Hope she recovers quickly!

Lisa said...

Love LOve LOVE this post! Puts life in perspective & you are such a great writer! XOXO

I wish I would've know L was sick, I could've put her name on the Temple prayer roll yesterday….

Susan Anderson said...

I always love reading about your family. And I have passed the same baton, by the way.