Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why I choose Saturday morning instead

The problem with me going to the Friday night Farmer's Market here in Clovis,
is I get easily distracted, and then come home with no fruits and vegetables. 

Like last Friday night, I got completely involved talking to this woman…
And looking at her child. Her pretend child. I'd never seen anything like it.

She weighs 11 lbs and she moves and looks (at least at first) like a real baby.
The woman named her Talee…the Lee part after her.

 She wouldn't let anyone touch her because she didn't want the baby to get dirty. Her sister had her
custom made just for her. I thought it rude to ask how much her baby cost.

So today I was happy to read in the paper that the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings in the old
DMV parking lot is now continuing year round
(the original plan was to just have it during the off season) 

It's cooler in the mornings here, parking is easier, and I can just buy my vegetables and leave. 
It's not a social event like the Friday night one.

So keep that in mind if you live around here.

Speaking of the DMV…..
Den was at the newer one yesterday and this is what he saw going across the front of it.
He said they were all headed to a chain link fence. He watched the mother go through it, and then her 
babies one by one step up and go through the same opening. But the littlest one on the end couldn't
make it up there. The little guy kept struggling as his Mama and siblings were getting further ahead.
Dennis got closer to see if he could assist him but the baby duck finally made it through on his own. 
As soon as he met up with his little ducky siblings, they gathered around him like it was a big family reunion.
Like Dennis said, "They have feelings!"

Life is interesting every which way we turn.


Richard said...

More fruits than vegetables there, obviously.

Richard said...

You need to be more careful about which strangers you choose to talk to...

Anonymous said...

Why did that lady carry a fake baby?

Grandma Honey said...

I don't know. I've been trying to figure that out since I saw her last Friday.

Anonymous said...

Well if anyone could have found out, you could have!
Jill: "Not shy with strangers"!

Rebecca said...

This is so weird about the lady with the fake baby. Mostly because there is a man here who had a fake baby that pretty much looks the same as this fake baby, except his fake baby has glasses. I see him all over town and he always has the fake baby. I have not been brave enough to take a picture though....maybe I will now...

Grandma Honey said...

Rebecca….So the man regularly carries the fake baby? I'm not sure what to say about that. He would probably love to have his picture taken!

Darlene….so what question do you suggest I ask?

Rebecca said...

Yes he does carry the fake baby everywhere, it's name is "Chrystal" and I see him at the mall, Walmart, etc. He will be at the Mall looking at baby clothes for it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know. But, if you keep talking to her and are interested in that baby, I'm sure it will come up.
How about, "There you are with that baby again. Do you take her everywhere? You must really love babies. Do you have any grown children?" Seems like those might be good openers. But, you're the expert on finding out about people. Let us know if you talk to her again.

Grandma Honey said...

I like that Darlene. All i could think of is, "Why do you carry that pretend baby around?"

Rebecca…buying clothes?? For some reason it seems a lot stranger for a man to be carrying that around. I wonder if he gets up at night and checks on his baby.

Dennis said...

I hate to be judgmental. But there is something weird about an adult carrying around a fake baby and acting like it is real. It's different that just having a doll. I don't get "weird-ed out" very easily, but this one was definitely very creepy. A male shopping for clothes for his fake baby would be really, really weird.


Natalie said...

It looks like a "reborn" doll. They range in price from $300 up to a few thousand. There is a documentary on YouTube about the people who buy them:

I had a friend who owned one of these and put it in a car seat in order to use the car pool lane on the way to work. Illegal, but funny nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Is it a fad?

Grandma Honey said...

Thanks for the video Natalie! Den and I watched it and it does sort of explain things a little. I had never even heard of this.

As for the illegal car pool friend….Den just shook his head and said, "not good." I wonder if secretly your friend enjoys having that fake baby ride along side her.

A fad, Darlene? I'll be on the look out for that.

cristie said...

Bizarre! Never heard of such a thing. xox

Ammy said...

I'm with is weird for someone to be carrying around a fake baby. That is so disturbing to me. And a man carrying one around? ThTs even weirder....but i dont know why.

Scrapally said...

I did see a special needs lady once with a fake baby. At a restaurant with her older parents. I didn't find that very strange, thought it was a comfort kind of thing, kind of like a baby doll...but adult men and women with one that aren't obviously special needs would indeed be strange. Love the baby ducks story! We saw a momma and about 3 babies at disneyland...the workers were guarding them as they crossed the very busy walkway to get to the water! Baby ducks are sure cute! I like the Saturday morning farmer's market idea...I don't like the noisy crowds on fridays, guess that's why we only did it once or twice the whole 16 years we lived there!

Anonymous said...

Here's another video about these dolls. They did call it a "craze", so I was right about it being a fad. Thinking about it more, I can understand some people wanting these dolls, because, as we all comment during our child raising years, babies grow up too fast. This is a way to have a "baby" forever.

Anonymous said...

Yes, mighty interesting!