Saturday, May 24, 2014

What a really fun Mom would do

I wouldn't say my sons considered me a "fun" Mom back in the day. I think they liked me and all, but not sure "fun" would be in any of their descriptions of me (although I sort of regret that now.) 

However, having said all that, I seriously WOULD have let them 
do THIS. And I would have had the time of my life watching 

Although, I do admit if I had had a new home….you know, with 
the perfect walls and all, I would not have even mentioned this 
crazy idea to them. 

As for now? I don't even think it's on the market yet, and I don't 
have any stairs. But if I did and if it was, this alone would make me such a cool Grandma Honey.


Karen Mortensen said...

I would so do that. Looks fun.

Anonymous said...

great idea!

Anonymous said...

I bet kids would have a blast with that and all the neighborhood kids would flock to your house. Btw Jill I always thought you were a fun sister!


Lisa said...

My kids used cardboard down my parents stairs BUT it wears down the carpet! Haha….I bet you were a FUN mom regardless! : )

Rebecca said...

Ha! What a fun thing. I would have let my kids have a slide on the stairs, although apparently they DID have a slide on our stairs, unknown to me.....just recently they told me where the dents on the wall at the bottom of the stairs came from. Come to find out...when I would leave them to "babysit" themselves, they would get out the winter snow sled and ride it down the stairs! So basically I guess I did have a slide in my house and didn't know it!

Richard said...


Ammy said...

That is awesome! My trainers gym is upstairs and every tuesday and thursday (leg day) i BEG her to get a slide so i dont have to go down her stairs when we are finished.

Anonymous said...

Our kids called it "mattress surfing" because they would slide down the stairs on a mattress! It began by using sleeping bags or the slick heavy duty plastic sheets for sledding. But they couldn't do it too long before they were sore or hurt or something. But the mattress, they loved! And so did their friends! They could put several kids on at once (I can still hear the roars of laughter!) and really fly down those stairs!
I can't quite recall if Karen or Marilyn were there when the mattress came out, but it's quite possible.
I love the slide idea! My kids would have loved that!