Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This is no ordinary story

Dennis and I set out on Monday to meet this family...

It was this thing below that kept us from our destination!

I have been following this very unique family for a long time via their blog. Carrie and her husband
Gavin were missionaries in New Guinea (not sure which religion) along with their young son Issac
when Carrie learned she was pregnant with quintuplets.

So they moved back to Dallas so Carrie could get good medical care, and to be close with family.
After all, with 5 babies they would need a little help.

They are in California right now just an hour from our house and they invited us to their Open House!
I was so excited but about half way there our car started making a horrible noise.
Turns out our dust cover underneath the car was 1/2 on and 1/2 off.

I kept saying we should call Triple A.
He kept saying he wanted to figure it out himself.

Luckily we were not far from a truck stop and Den bought a contraption he wrapped underneath the car
and then both he and I had to hold the ends of this belt so we could make it slowly back home.

We took the car to Charlie's the next morning 
and he ripped the dust cover off saying it serves no purpose!
I'm thinking, kind of like our appendix.

Back to the story….
I want to show you a picture of the goodie bags they made for the
passengers and stewardesses on the plane out to California this week.
It included their picture and story, a set of ear plugs and 2 homemade choc chip cookies!
I guess traveling with quints brings out the creativity!

So the babies are 21 months now and they are preparing to go "back home" to
New Guinea next month where they will all live another 4 years! Watch this video and you will be as
amazed as we are. This was made before the babies, but it shows the life they lived and what they are
going back to. Can you even imagine 5 toddlers living there?
This is one very brave and committed family.

Seriously, this video leaves me in awe every time I watch it.
It is all labeled and very easy to understand.The music is beautiful too.

I found their "Walmart," police station, and hospital very interesting.


Richard said...

If I ever moved back to Clovis, one big reason would be Charlie the Vietnamese mechanic...

Raven Rozier said...

I enjoyed the video, an interesting family and a beautiful region. P.s. the appendix serves a useful purpose in the lymphatic/immune systems.

Grandma Honey said...

Richard…Charlie's from Thailand and he goes back every summer for a couple weeks. His shop is in very low gear when he's not there. He didn't charge us at all for taking off that dust cover and he also checked our brakes for free. He's the best.

Thank you Raven! Actually my Mom use to say there has got to be a purpose for the appendix. So I wonder over the long haul how people do without one…does their immune system suffer in some way?

Sue said...

Quite a moving video, thanks!


grandmapeg said...

This video was so interesting to watch. Beautiful country and beautiful people, and the reason they are there is wonderful. I'm not sure I could give up the many comforts and conveniences that I'm used to, to live in such a secluded area...especially with babies/toddlers. Bless that family!