Thursday, May 15, 2014

If we only knew….

Even if you have seen this before, it's worth it to watch again. Sometimes I think I should watch this
everyday before leaving the house, or at least before visiting someone in the hospital.


My cousin Ron has been in the hospital since Mother's Day when he broke his femur in a ladder
accident. I've always heard that is a very painful bone to break! He has been in our thoughts and
prayers, and will continue to be.

He is holding a note from one of his granddaughters.

I'm beginning to think Mother's Day may be a dangerous day. About 10 years ago Dennis was scheduled for surgery, but it had to be rescheduled 6 months out because his surgeon fell in his empty swimming pool on Mother's Day and broke both legs. The surgeon said the blessing in all of that was, he got to really know his infant daughter since they spent many weeks, if not months on the floor together.


Scrapally said...

good message. hope your cousin is healing well.

Anonymous said...

I hope Cousin Ron is healing fast! Must be pretty rough to have to wait for your surgeon to heal from falling in a swimming pool!