Thursday, April 10, 2014

This was not one of my better Grandma decisions.

(I was SO tired last night that I pressed publish when I meant to press save. So if you were here earlier this was all jumbled up and half done. Such is the life of a tired but happy Grandma.)

While their parents are in New Orleans for the week, the grand girls have moved in…

The sisters wanted to be together. Not in separate beds. They insisted on it. So we gave it a try.

Why did I ever think this would work?
It didn't.

Violet wanted to sleep, Cami was ready for fun and wide awake, and 
Elora needed to braid her hair "so it would be crimped for school tomorrow. "
 We suggested and when that didn't work, we announced that Violet would sleep in the crib. 
No way would Violet have any of that.

The next night was so much better….thanks to the fact that Elora can talk Violet into anything. 
She told Violet the crib was a "princess bed" and then we all had 
a happily ever after sleep the following nights.

Elora asked if she could sleep down the hall. I guess she is growing up. 

Violet insists I call her Snow White.
As long as they sleep well, I will call her whatever she wants!

On a side note, it's been wonderful sharing this week with Grandma Lynn.
She's been taking a big bulk of the day shifts. But even with all that help,
I been thinking lots about young parents this week and wondering how they do it all day after day after day.

There is nothing sweeter though. Nothing sweeter. 


Scrapally said...

That's funny. only because I can relate! I'm afraid my grandsons have seen Cranky Grandma a few too many times...but it happens! Love the pea sheller...hang in there!

grandmapeg said...

Oh yes, I know how that goes with three sisters sleeping in one bed. It can be a little hectic but something the girls will remember. It looks like they are having fun as they usually do at Grandma Honey's place!

Karen Mortensen said...

What fun.

Anonymous said...

That's why parenthood is for the younger adults. Us older adults get the favored position of NOT every day, all day and all night. I loved it when I was young. Now I like measured amounts of time with little ones. That works perfect for me. Glad you had a good time.

Rebecca said...

I think the trick is, we were a lot younger back when.....and as so, had much more energy, don't you think?