Monday, April 7, 2014

Some notes from yesterday

Now that our kids don't join us at our home for conference since they are developing their own family
traditions….I figured out that Dennis and I watch General Conference better if we are in two separate

We talk too much when we watch it together. We get excited to share ideas we have learned and then
we end up missing several paragraphs ahead.

I also learned that I take better notes if I just type quickly directly into my online journal. So I will need
to go back and rewatch Saturday's sessions since I took those notes the old fashioned way.

Here are just a few of my favorite notes from yesterday:

President Uchtdorf: "Instead of being thankful for things, focus on being thankful in things…(be 
thankful in the moment, not after the trial has passed. There is good in everything.)
"There seems to be something in us that resists endings. Why is this? Because we are eternal 
beings. There are no endings, only everlasting beginnings.…"
Jean A. Stevens:  She told story of seeing a boy on the side of road and she stopped by because 
she felt impressed to GO HELP THAT BOY. 25 years later this boy contacted her and said he had 
been walking 1 ½ hours that day with no houses in sight and got down on his knees to pray and a 
few moments later she came.
She also told about a family…husband only had 2 weeks to live. Family all gathered one last time. 
A family picture, a family dinner, and one last trip to the SLC temple all together. The daughter 
said, "I would never ask for this trial but I would never give it away." The gospel is not weight, it's 
wings.You are not alone. Face challenges with prayer and trust in the Lord. 
May we have faith to trust in Him.
David A. Bednar: Each of us carries a load. Sometimes we mistakenly think happiness is the 
absence of load.
President Thomas S. Monson:  "We must remember those we meet in parking lots, offices, 
elevators, and elsewhere. All that portion of mankind God has given us to love and to serve. It will 
do little good to speak to the general brotherhood of mankind if we cannot regard those who are 
all around us as our brothers and sisters….We need to strive to always be considerate and 
sensitive to thoughts and feelings and circumstances of those around us….let us be 
compassionate and encouraging."

Lawrence Corbridge  “God IS our father. You are more than human. You are a child of God….
Everything did not begin at birth You lived before. The family is the pattern for heaven.
Michael John U. Teu  We need to put more time and effort into strengthening family relationships.
Marcos Aiduktius (sp?) If we are sincerely seeking the truth we will do all we can to find it.
D Todd Christofferson  Told about a man 100 years ago who set out to prove there is no God in 
his book called, "God and my Neighbor." All was well until his wife died and then it all came 
crumbling down. He realized as he stood near his dead wife that her soul was gone and he 
returned to his belief in God.

I especially love this little poem President Monson quoted again. 
I think it's about the 2nd or 3rd time he has recited this during General Conference:

"I have wept in the night.
For the shortness of sight
That too somebody's need made me blind
But I never have yet
Felt a twinge of regret 
For being a little too kind."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the little gems, Jill!

Sue said...

I take notes, too, but it would be easier on my laptop. Maybe I should do that since I can barely read the notes I am scribbling so quickly!


Grandma Honey said...

It really does make a difference Sue. Keeps me more focused too.