Thursday, April 17, 2014

I talked to a success story yesterday

Autism awareness month continues. I talked for 1 1/2 hours yesterday to a woman whose first child
was diagnosed with severe autism @ age 3. He is now 18 and getting ready to graduate with high
honors from a high school that specializes in math, science, and engineering. He was also awarded a
scholarship to Weber State in Utah.

How did he come from severe autism to doing well at age 18? About 15 years ago during a very
discouraging week, this lady prayed and then felt prompted to call the Autism Research Institute. It just
so happened the founder of this organization, Bernard Rimland, answered the phone himself. He told
her about the gluten and casein free diet. From there she was able to find a DAN (Defeat Autism Now)

Someone sent me this video recently (and I'm sorry but I can't even remember who it was now). The
woman in the video is not the Mom I talked to yesterday, but I think they both went down similar paths.
As the video progresses it talks about other things than diet. I'm not sure if the Mom I talked to
yesterday did these other ideas, but I know she follows the diet religiously for her son.

I find this all so very interesting and encouraging. I've heard some main stream doctors are beginning to
recommend the diet also.


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear a mother of an autistic child tell her story and all she's been through. Sounds like she was successful in turning it around. Wow!
Thanks for sharing this.

Sue said...

Wow. My niece is autistic, and I'm sad to say she hasn't fared so well. She's nearly 20 now. Wish her mom had known about this.