Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have a joyous Easter!

I have seen this video numerous times and in numerous places.
Close to 3 million plays, and it just came out a week ago!

In case you missed it, please do watch. And I hope your Easter is sweet and lovely.


Sue said...

It's a great one, isn't it? Happy Easter!


Scrapally said...

I am one of the 3 million plays. more than once. :) Happy Easter to you and your sweet family. Sending love from Utah!

Karen Mortensen said...

That was great. Thanks. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jill! Happy Easter!

grandmapeg said...

Craig used the script of this clip in his talk yesterday at church. What a great message this video has!!

Grandma Honey said...

Dennis spoke in church yesterday too. What a great idea reading this script of that video. Perfect.