Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another play to love….

One of my most favorite things to do in this world, is attend plays…but especially ones our 
grandchildren are in.  Like last Friday evening.

See that lady right above Logan's glasses? I enjoyed talking to because she is Laurynn and Macie's
drama teacher/director…AND because she was IN Logan's drama class back in 8th grade! And now,
she's the teacher of Logan's children. How cool is that.

I went up to her and said, "Do you remember me? I use to be Logan's mother back in the day."
She right away said, "Oh yes I do remember you!" She was polite and didn't say anymore than that. 
I probably spent more time hovering around those drama kids than any other parent back then. 
But Logan survived it all.

I asked Logan if I could get a picture of her and him together and he said, "Uh, no." So that was that.

Seems where ever she goes Amy is approached by people wanting to discuss 
the Primary children (ages 3-11) at our church. 

And here are our stars….Laurynn 2nd to the right and Macie, far right.
They both did a most excellent job. Very into it. 
I kept my eyes glued on them most of the time and even when they were not singing, they both know
how to be in the moment of the play. My Grandma told me once while we were watching Bonanza,
"It's just as important how actors are when they aren't saying lines as much as when they are." 

(Not that she ever acted that I know of, but her mother did write Hollywood screen plays... 
that never sold, but still, she did write them.)

Macie missed Téa for that time she was on stage, and could hardly wait to hug her again.

The four sisters together. Aren't they beautiful! 
And better than that, I have never ever seen them mean to each other.
Seriously, I have never seen them be less than kind to one another. 
Macie, Kylie, Téa, Laurynn

And here are 6 of the 7 siblings, minus Austin who is on his mission. 
(We can't claim the Genie or the cute girl in the blue dress next to him.)

I had never thought so before, but Laurynn is beginning to look 
more and more like Amy. Can you see it too?
And, well, I fail at posing for the camera. It's not my fault Dennis keeps me laughing.

Great job Laurynn and Macie! We are so proud of you!


Richard said...

Even school plays are interesting when you write about them. I think grandma Lella would be surprised at the things you remember about her. Between her and mom we all have quite a legacy to live up to...

Karen Mortensen said...

So glad you were able to go.

Sue said...

Yes, those sisters are lovely. The whole family is!
And I love plays, too. Carli is in them frequently.


Scrapally said...

looks like more family fun! what was the play? Something with a genie! Fun to see you in a picture!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking that the girl in the picture was Amy, and then realized it was Laurynn! Funny you should say that!