Monday, March 10, 2014

Our green party!

Are we pathetic or what…
 We took our own picture waiting for family to arrive.

Normally we don't celebrate St Patrick's Day. As in never. 
But this year we became attached to our Irish painter, Patrick. 
Loved all his stories about growing up in Ireland. 
Sort of put us in the mood to be festive green this year. 

We should have at least invited Patrick, but we didn't. 
We aren't that friendly. :)
We aren't that authentic either when it comes to Irish traditions.

Den looked like the Jolly Green Giant waiting for family to arrive. 

The food was all ready and set to go:

Bacon, sausage,
Oranges and kiwi,
Aunt Sue's Potatoes aka funeral potatoes
Eggs with toppings of olives, cheese, green onions, salsa, avocado, and sautéed peppers.
Breakfast cake and blueberry muffins

After everyone arrived, 
Den ditched the itchy wig and Amy threw it on.

Amy and Logan have such great kids. 
Den and I were talking about them after they left. 
(The older 4 had to leave early for musical practice.) 
They are all so enjoyable to be around. 
Such sweet, good good teenagers.

We are one classy couple.

 Don't be afraid of me Jonas.

I'm still Grandma Honey

Then we played our one and only game, "Hide the Leprechaun." 
This is where the twins hide in the bedroom while one of us hides the leprechaun, 
and they come out and find it. The twins were beyond excited about this simple little game!

We missed my Dad and Susan, and Logan, and Erin and Brock and the girls,
since they weren't able to make it this time. Maybe next year.

Do you want to hear one of my favorite songs?
A friend of mine introduced me to this a few years ago
and now I play it year round, but especially in March.

And a Happy St Paddy's Day to you too!


Karen Mortensen said...

What fun.

Anonymous said...

Green is definitely your color!! It complements your beautiful eyes and complexion. Loved your 'selfie'. What a great sport Dennis is for wearing the wig and hat. I'd like to see a picture of you in the curly wig and him in the long hair. Such a fun sure created a wonderful theme. (no green eggs and ham?!) I enjoyed seeing more of your home. I like the brightness of the kitchen from the sink window. What is the blue reflection in the hall mirror? See, I do notice details! I'm still searching for the little green man; is it visible in the photos?
Our Dan is planning a trip to Ireland, maybe this summer. For his birthday yesterday, one of the gifts we gave him was a DVD of Ireland.

Scrapally said...

You guys are cute! Very pretty song too...thanks for sharing!

Richard said...

Everything about this delightful post is within the normal range of eccentric...until you included that song.

Grandma Honey said...

Richard…you need to listen to the entire song. Even Dennis thinks it's beautiful.

Pam…I think that's the window by the front door and the blue is the sky outside. We are still in the process of decorating around here which explains the blank walls. Just waiting for Dennis to get better so he can hang things for me.

Grandma Honey said...

The little green man is hiding behind that plant in that last picture of the twins. You can barely see him sticking out.

Anna Ashcroft said...

LOVE that first picture! How fun!

Lisa said...

CUTEST POST EVER!!! I couldn't see Dennis in the wig (DARN!) But did see that humorous pic of you "classy" love birds! LOL

I CALLED Patrick & have been waiting for his call! He's B U S Y !!! He is going to STAIN my cabinets antique white so the oak grain shows thru. I can't wait but he needs his schedulte to calm down! So...he probably couldn't make the festivities anyways! Haha...SURE MISS YOU!

Grandma Honey said...

Thank you Anna. We're crazy. That's what happens when you become grandparents!

Lisa….You'll love Patrick. He does excellent work, and he's so NICE.

Anonymous said...

You and Den are good sports!
We'll be having our St. Patty's Day celebration this coming Monday.
Love that song. It led me to the award winning documentary about immigration.

Eileen said...

Oh, my goodness, I haven't been here in so long, and I come at a Family Celebration, and one that is dear to my heart!
This looks like such fun, Jill!

I love your family and you & Dennis are such a wonderful couple!

I never do "fun" anymore.
I'm going to try and get back to it.

Wonderful post!
Love and Prayers,