Monday, February 10, 2014

Do you sleep between your sheets?

I need to talk about sheets….
or guests who sleep in them, or rather guests who don't sleep in them.

I think I may have solved a mystery but I'm not totally sure. 

Here's the problem. Sometimes, as in often, I can tell our guest did not even get in the sheets, 
but just slept between the blankets.

I've always been a bit baffled by this but it was no big deal until the other day. 
This subject came up with one of my daughters in law and she said something 
I had never thought of before. She said when she sleeps in beds that are not in her home, 
she sleeps between the blankets because she is never sure if the sheets are clean or not. 
So she does this as a precaution.

As she said this I just sat their trying to take this in…..Really?? 
Is THAT why our guests don't sleep between our sheets here? 
If it is I want them to know that I always, as in ALWAYS, wash the bed sheets in our guest beds 
even if someone sleeps just one night, or even if they stop by and just take a nap. 
I don't mind, I actually enjoy doing laundry so that is no problem.

This DIL suggested I put a little card on our guest beds saying the sheets have been 
freshly laundered, like they do in hotels. She also suggested I leave a chocolate by the pillow. 
She likes chocolate.

btw, you want to know about the dirtiest sheets I ever slept in?
I was in Corona visiting Dennis before we were married. 
I slept in his guest room, but after he got up at 3 am to go fight crime in LA,
I decided to sleep in his bed (without him in it I need to say again)
I waited until after I heard him leave out the front door and heard the door lock. 
Then I got up, wandered down the hall in the dark, and got into his king size bed.
It was nice and warm and cozy, 
until I noticed this little stick by my head. It was about 3-4 inches long and it was stuck to the sheets.
 I pulled it off and then quickly turned on the light to see what the heck it was. 
I thought…oh my gosh, this looks so familiar. 
It was a tootsie roll pop with just a bit of it left on the white stick. 
Then I remembered he gave his grandchildren his bed the week before when they were visiting. 
I asked him when he got home from work that day, "How often do you wash your sheets?" 
He paused, and thought, and then said, "I don't know."
No surprise there.

But what I had a really hard time figuring out is how did he sleep 
with that tootsie roll pop by his head and not even notice it?

Back to my question, 
do you have any idea why some do not like sleeping between sheets? 
If it's not too personal I mean.


cristie said...

i'm a between the sheets kind of gal! xox

Karen Mortensen said...

I always sleep between the sheets. Never thought about any of this before.

Rebecca said...

I personally think it very odd to sleep between the blankets and not the sheets. First of all, how do you know that the blankets are clean? Usually the blankets are not washed between guests, and so I think you have a much better chance of heaving things clean to sleep between the sheets rather than the blankets. And now my question is, do we have to start washing all the blankets between guests?

Grandma Honey said...

Your question Rebecca is the same as Den's….if they can't trust the sheets to be clean, how can they trust the blankets? I sure would never sleep on top blankets in a hotel!

It's obvious when they don't use the sheets. In that case, I DO wash all the blankets, and the sheets.

Richard said...

I'm with Rebecca and I always appreciate the clean sheets at your house...but I will never sleep with Dennis.

Rebecca said...

One thing else, when ever I have guests "checking out" I usually just tell them to not bother making the bed, as I will be taking the sheets off, so they do know that I always change sheets between guests.
I also usually leave a basket on the guest's bed with water bottles, and a few little snacks, and yes chocolate, and maybe some fuzzy warm socks and a microwave bean bag.

Dennis said...

If you treat yourself to a Tootsie Roll Pop in bed every night, you never think about how clean the sheets are.


Grandma Honey said...

Rebecca….Oh my, you are good! All I give my guests are a bed.

Anonymous said...

I've read this blog to Tom and we cannot stop laughing!! (We are sheets people.) After having guests, I wash EVERYTHING including the mattress pad and the pillows so each guest feels special. I have a 'dirtiest bedding' story to tell but it will have to be in a private message. When we have guests, we too leave essentials plus sets of towels, a throw blanket, and reading material. Another important item is a flashlight/nightlight not only for them getting up in the night but in case of a power failure.

Autism United said...

This is funny, my husband and I were actually just discussing sheets. I have been away for 5 months and actually heading home the end of this month. Asked if he has been washing the bed linen weekly and his answer was he has been washing blankets but not sheets because he hasn't been sleeping in the sheets just the blankets. Which is news to me, when I am there he sleeps between the sheets. So asked why, and his answer was he doesn't like sleeping between the sheets. News to me!
Just never have given any thought to how we sleep and what one prefers.
Good post.

Scrapally said...

between the sheets. They always get washed...blankets not so much. I love the guest basket idea! I do have a little dish with chocolates in it, but I like the other ideas too.

Rebecca said...

Well I don't have guests all that often, and it is usually my kids 2 times a year so I just want to make it fun. I do that for the kids too.

Anna said...

I would definitely assume that the sheets had been washed more often than blankets. I would not feel clean sleeping between the blankets. I think I'm going to work on putting baskets together for guests!

Anonymous said...

The whole sheets vs blankets is very interesting. I have always assumed everyone, well almost everyone prefers sleeping with sheets, but not everyone does.Even some of my own children refuse to sleep between sheets. When they were little they slept in sleepers and sleeping bags, they kept warm and they were able to make their own beds. As they got older I transitioned them to full size beds with sheets but maybe that is where they got their preference for no sheets..I don't know but I think it is odd. Clean sheets with freshly shaved legs is the best! I love the basket ideas for guests, I really need to do that. Reading material, chocolate, water bottles, flashlights, your friends are not only thoughtful but very clever.

Grandma Honey said...

I did the same thing with my boys….sleepers and sleeping bags. It was great. Come to think of it, maybe that is why they never transferred well to sheets. They grew up use to that blanket feel next to their skin. Anonymous above (whoever you are) you may have just solved my mystery.

Anonymous said...

I usually bring my own sheets wherever I go! One time I stayed in a very nice Marriot hotel with the highest quality sheets, but the smell of chlorine on the sheets was so strong I couldn't sleep a wink. So since then I just bring my own sheets to wherever I'm staying. It also makes it easier for people I'm staying with to not have to wash their sheets when i leave.

Logan and Amy said...

I have to make this clear, lol. Maybe I am a little weird but I do not sleep between the sheets and blanket. I put down my own sheet on top of the blanket and then bring my own blanket as well and put that on top of me. Hopefully that makes sense. I would never sleep between the blanket and sheet, haha. I know, I am weird!

Grandma Honey said...

Glad you cleared that up Amy, but you also blew your cover. (figuratively :)