Friday, February 28, 2014

Cooking class with Erin and Amy

I just thought it would be something fun to do….but it was even better than I thought. 
Because these two made it that way.

The pizza as odd as it looks, I heard it was really good. Just a can of Italian tomatoes, garlic, red pepper, purple onion, and olives spread over Boboli pizza and baked.

When I signed us up for this cooking class, I was hoping the school (Alta Sierra) would have little individual kitchens….and they did….I think seven of them…. because I haven't been back in a Home Ec room since I left high school.

But our school kitchens back in the day were never this large.
But ours were cleaner.

Look at the lovely stove we cooked on. Disgusting. 
My question is WHY are the middle school students 
who use these everyday not taught to clean up their messes? 
I wouldn't have thought anything of this stove 
if it had been in a busy happy home. 
But this is a school! A place where many use it so 
the class before should keep it clean, don't ya think?
One of the other students saw me take this picture and said to Erin and Amy in a confused tone, "She's taking a picture of the stove??" I think it was Amy who said, "She takes pictures of everything." 

So I may take pictures of dirty stoves, 
but look who sword fights with celery!

I love their crazy energy. They keep me entertained.

One of our fellow students, this lady said she has been married for 
63 years! She did not look old enough for that, and she didn't act it 
either. She was totally into learning new recipes.

The girl at the sink? 
She said she was there to cook so she could "keep a man."

After we ate, Amy and Cookie (one of the other students) realized they have mutual friends. 
And when Cookie somehow found out 
we were Mormon she liked us all the more. 
Not the reaction we get everywhere. And she's Jewish. 

When class ended and we were walking towards the door, Cookie pulled me aside and said, "Sign those girls up for the salad class! I'm going, and I want them to be there too!"

Erin and Amy were a hit with the teacher too, apparently.
I don't recall her asking anyone else to have her picture taken with them.
Or laughing like this with anyone but them.

The teacher's name is Gina Myers 
and she's written several cookbooks.

Erin insisted I put a picture on of myself too. So here it is….
but I told Erin and Amy that if I looked like them 
I would plaster myself all over my blog.

Being the gluten free-dairy free person that I am, I couldn't actually taste the food, 
but this one looked good to me:

What the recipe fails to say, is add the ravioli after it is cooked. Not sure when you add the broccoli....I guess that depends on how soft or crisp you want it to be. But it all goes in one pot.


Anonymous said...

You would NOT like to see my stove right now!

Grandma Honey said...

It's different when it's our HOME and the messes are OURS. It's another thing when we have to cook on what messes others have made. Besides, it's a school….shouldn't cleaning up be part of teaching them to cook?

I had to actually pour liquid from those burners into the sink and rinse them off before we turned on the stove at that cooking class. Otherwise, i feared a grease fire. It was that bad.

Karen Mortensen said...

What a fun thing to do.

lindsay lark said...

Oh my goodness, I took a home ec class (it was called "Teen Living" ) in that exact room 16 years ago! I remember the cooking part, but now that you mention it, I don't remember the cleaning up. For all we know, that is the same dried on gunk from my Alta Sierra days!

Grandma Honey said...

Perhaps you are right Lindsay! When I had my "homemaking" class at Tioga Jr High, we had to Ajax our sinks, and clean our ovens after every single time we used the kitchen. So it would get cleaned 6 times a day! (or however many classes met that day) But at least it was clean.

Grandmotherfairy said...

What a fun thing to do…someday….looks like you had so much fun!

Scrapally said...

So fun for you to do that together. I agree about the stove. ick. Mine isn't all that clean sometimes, but I do clean it! Sounds like they need to step up their curriculum a notch and add cleaning up after yourself. thanks for sharing!

grandmapeg said...

I remember my Home Economics class and how fun it was, but I don't remember the stoves being that dirty, but I also don't remember having to clean the cooking units. Hmmm...makes me think that as young women, we didn't care what the stove looked like. Erin and Amy looked like they had fun :-)

Anna said...

I remember Cookie! She used to come with Lidia to Homemaking years ago.

Grandma Honey said...

Yes Anna, I finally figured that out! I kept thinking she looked so familiar. :)

Yolanda said...

I know that lady who said she was married 63 years. She's a very good friend of Mike and Karen Wakefield. Small world.

Grandma Honey said...

Amazing Yolanda! I hope she's at the salad class on the 27th. If so I will for sure tell her I'm Mike's cousin! I'm very curious about her….

Eileen said...

'Love this!
'Love that you and your daughters (in-law) get along so well.

And when we were in Home Ec class in high school, I remember very well that the FIRST thing we did was wash our hands, then scrub our work space, wash our hands again, then get together all ingredients and any utensils we'd be using, then measure everything out, etc.
And at the very end, we washed and dried all the pots, pans, dishes, and scrubbed down our work space AGAIN!
And that's how I still do it!