Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A precious moment in time

It's not every little person who gets to sit 
on their Great Grandpa's lap on her 3rd birthday!

I checked, and all EIGHT of my great grandparents 
had been gone between 11-53 years by the time I was even born! 
I didn't get to meet any of them. 

Did you get to know any of yours?

Someday I suspect this picture will mean much to Miss Violet…
when she is older and understands the wonderful significance of it.

btw, Today I got to eat one last time @ The Home with Dad and Susan.

They are moving out on Saturday!
They will be in the same church ward as Amy and Logan,
and also the same ward as my sister Peggy and Jeff…so not too far away.

Goodbye Yosemite Gardens!
I think I will miss you more than my Dad and Susan will.
I already have plans to go back for lunch so I can see a few of the friends I've made there.
And one of them has invited me to her 80th birthday in September!


Karen Mortensen said...

Love that picture. I was able to know 2 of my great grandmothers. I have always been grateful for that.

Scrapally said...

Are they so excited to be moving? they will love that ward! I miss it sooooo much! Where are they moving too? I never knew any of my great I want to look up their dates and see how long the had been gone (some of them might have been around, but we were in the military so never saw family much).

Heidi Garvin said...

I fondly remember two of my great-grandmothers (both on my dad's side)!

Not sure if I met any great-grandparents on my mom's side, but I have heard a lot about them and seen the farm house two of them built in Arizona. I am carrying a handkerchief that was my great-grandmother's and then my great-aunt's as my "something old and something blue" (it has a blue flower embroidered in the corner) on my wedding day. I actually got it the weekend before I met Jim!

You'll have to visit my mom and ask to see the truly adorable photos of Jack, his dad, his grandpa, and his great-grandfather! He is just a baby in the photos, but you can tell he ADORED his great-grandfather.

Anonymous said...

I knew my maternal great-grandfather who lived to be 97. I met my paternal great-grandmother; she died when I was a year old so I did not have the opportunity to remember her, but I do have pictures of the two of us. I also had a step-great-grandmother who I remember most of all.