Tuesday, January 7, 2014

If you have a little girl, this would make the sweetest gift

Tonight I got to watch our Primary Activity Girls at church learn to Salsa Dance.

Just was we were serving the refreshments (salsa and chips of course!) 
I noticed little Caden was wearing a new locket around her neck. 
When I asked about it she opened it up and guess what was inside? 
A picture of her parents! 

Would that not be the sweetest gift from parents to their little daughter?
She is very proud of it, I can tell.
She must feel so special keeping her parents close to her heart all day long 
while she's away from them at school.

Something tells me long after Caden looses the necklace or it breaks (if it does) 
she will still long remember opening it up on Christmas morning.

Caden is a darling little girl but she's only 9, and does not belong to me, 
so I thought I should leave her picture off. You understand.


Scrapally said...

That is very sweet! Are you an Activity days leader? You are perfect for that calling!

Grandma Honey said...

I did this years ago in my home and I had about 6 girls back then, but now we meet at the church and there are 17! But we have 3 of us leaders, so it's very fun.

Ammy said...

How fun to have you as the Activity Days leader! Hannah loves Activity Days, but they are only able to meet once a month. Before we had new leaders and it was twice. Hannah so looks forward to it! I want that calling!

Sue said...

We gave that to our granddaughter a couple of years ago. She asked us for it, which I thought was really cute.