Thursday, January 2, 2014

I thought my Mom needed this when she was in labor...

I still get embarrassed by the dumb things I wrote years ago, but I have to share this one.
And who cares anyway, right?…this happened almost 50 years ago. I was Elora's age.
But I'm certain Elora would have more class than I did.

I'll set the stage first.
My Mom was pregnant with twins but no one knew she was having twins. This was 1965.
She went into labor on a Saturday night, and my Dad took her to the hospital about 5am Sunday morning.

My poor Mom labored all the way until Tuesday morning before she gives birth.
But meanwhile she is in the hospital and away from us since very early that Sunday morning.

I missed her a lot. So I wrote her a letter. This was back in the day when no one but the Dad
was allowed to visit the Mom….and I think that was only after she gave birth. And there were no
phones in her room, which she shared with several other women, by the way.
I think my Dad somehow delivered the letter to her while she was in labor, 
even though I don't think he got to see her during that time.

Actually I had forgotten all about this letter, and don't even remember writing it.
But my sister Heidi (she's one of the twins) had it in her baby book all these years
and brought it over for me to see a few weeks ago.

Cracks me up how formal I was... I never called her "Mother"….

Oh yes, and I was sure to enclose that picture of the King Sisters and Alvino Rey. 
She needed these pictures while in labor for 3 days! 

 (But you know what this all really means?
I was convinced that Mom truly was interested in anything and everything that interested me.)

And since we are on this subject, 
I can't help but show you pictures from Heidi's baby book that go along with this time period.
I had to include what my Mom wrote on this picture….Robin was barely 7 at the time….and the Holders didn't exactly live next door.
I mean really, who sends a 7 year old to the street behind us with new born twins? This gives you an idea how relaxed Mom was. 

I'm the tallest one in this picture with my 3 sisters, Robin, Peggy, and Heidi. 
But as adults, I'm the runt of the litter.

Mom after giving birth to the twins. I thought she was so old then but she was only 35! 
btw, I guess that was an acceptable bunch of flowers back then?

Two weeks before the twins were born Mom and Dad were in New Orleans.
She said she never would have gone that far from home if she had known she was carrying twins.

Remember the Emlers I mentioned in my letter above? 
We moved in across the street from them in 1961….right before Peggy was born.
Last week we met up with them at my sister's house.
Karen, Tammy, Terri, and my sister Peggy.

That's over 50 years of friendship!


Karen Mortensen said...

What a great story. Love it all.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so funny that you signed the letter to your mom with your last name! Ha!

Richard said...

You get an A for penmanship...

Whitney Jay said...

I lloovvee this post so much! It is so fun to see grandma pregnant, and I love thinking of a seven year old and twins, it is all too good. Also, your spelling and penmanship are incredible!

Ann said...

Hi Grandma Honey, do you have any your mom's birth to your twins sister? Back in 1980, im not sure that time there. My friend, he was twin with his siter.No one know her mom carried twin. After his birth, his mom told doctor she still feel pain and so the doctor try to check again. there is his lil sister still in the womb. After i heard wht he said i felt really dangerous if the baby stay too long in the womb.but in 1982 my mom know she have twin. i think maybe after that only there is scanning machine invented :p.

Ammy said...

i loved this post sooo much. how fun to see the differences now and then. the flowers cracked me up.