Monday, January 20, 2014

Babies born in 2014

I saw this in Time Magazine last week. Doesn't surprise me, but it still very much concerns me.

A life span of only 69 years? 
I think at least in part, it's going to be all the GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
that have quietly slipped into our food since 1996. 

If you are concerned, follow the Food Babe. Because of her, Cheerios just this month has 
agreed to take the GMOs out and return it to the way we use to eat it. 

Also, she got Chick-Fil-A to change their recipes too! Meanwhile we need to read labels. 
Or we could all move to Europe where most GMOs are outlawed.

As soon as Dennis finishes getting the hardware on our cabinets, 
I want to show you the before and after of our kitchen. I don't know if you'll like it, but we do.
And if you live in our area, I also have a most wonderful painter to recommend.


Sue said...

I worry about the GMOs too.


Richard said...

Enough of the kooky stuff...lets see the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

That's cool that they took the GMO's out of cheerios! But I think we should all just move to Europe...