Thursday, December 26, 2013

What do you think would cause this?

What would you think if you went to visit your son and his wife 
and 6 of their children on Christmas day 
and no one answered the door? 

It was very quiet, yet we knew all 9 of them were home. 
Actually, we even knew what was happening there, 
and we were invited. So we opened the door and walked in. 

No one was running through the house as usual. 
No music playing. No TV on. 

We went down the hallway a little and made a turn….
and there they all were……huddled together….

 Even when we came in no one noticed us, 
which is how it should be when they are talking to their missionary!

A marching band could have come in 
and those eyes wouldn't have left that screen.

 Even when I went in front of them to snap their picture, 
no one took their eyes off Austin for even a second. I love it! 
(although I think Téa's looking at Grandpa.)
 (Logan, Chandler and Jonas and Grandma Karen were there, too….
but the camera didn't capture them)

 After the Skyping session, 
Amy got to have her alone phone time with Austin. 
I remember my 8 Christmas-missionary-son-phone-calls. 
I wonder if she cried after he hung up like I always did.
The joy of it all always got to me, plus the saying good-bye. 

Austin is doing well, and seems to be loving every minute of it.
He was as animated as ever, maybe even more so….if you can believe that!
….waving his hands around, laughing, clapping, punching his fists in the air. 
When Kylie showed him her driver's license he spun around in his chair and squealed!

That's our Austin!

Chandler asked him what was his best experience so far.
Austin said it was hard to choose just one….but he told us about this day when a Mom called him as she was having problems with her son. She couldn't get him out of bed to go to school. So Austin and his companion went over to their house and this kid ran up into his tree house to hide. Finally Austin was impressed with a quote that came to his mind by President Monson: 
"Don't ever let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." 

That impression made all the difference. 
So Austin started really listening to this kid and he opened up, 
and his emotions were softened, and he then agreed to go to school!


Anonymous said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing this moment with us. I felt like I was there. There's nothing like close families!

Scrapally said...

That is so perfect! Amy and I discussed on facebook how that was the best Christmas present, talking to our missionaries! I did cry when we said goodbye. :)I'm pretty sure she would have too.

Karen Mortensen said...

That's how it was when we were talking to Davey. Exciting all around.

Kris said...

I loved reading this!!!!! So glad to hear how Austin is doing. These are just the cutest pictures if all. :)