Monday, December 16, 2013

Another baby's coming

I don't know his name yet, but my niece, Whitney, and her husband Bret
are having a baby boy next month! Last Saturday at her baby shower,
she gave one of the most tender thank yous I've ever heard.

She said she has never been more happy than she is now. 
The room was packed with family and friends 
and she said it made her SO HAPPY that everyone would come.

She thanked us all numerous times. 
If we didn't feel special before the her baby shower, we surely did while there.

What personality! I love watching her. 

See the passion that girl has?

When Whitney talks to you, she's THERE.

I guess we have an idea now what little Baby Baker will look like….
Whitney on the left and Bret on the right.
He's gonna be CUTE!!

And now for the food….I remembered to take pictures before it was eaten this time...

When we were told we needed to "just take a look and memorize the items"…
oh yes, we're good at this game, especially those of us over 50.
I don't know who the winner was, but I'm certain it was one of those girls with the younger brain.

Let me just say, there were LOTS more people present than I have pictures for.
And I failed to get any pictures of many of her numerous friends there!
But here are just a few….

Whitney's Aunt Bonnie and sister, Raven.

My niece Kaidy, nephew Jake's wife Katie, and my niece Carly with Mara.

Some good conversation going on there between Susan and Jan Thomas.

Whitney with Jenny Parker

Whitney's cousins, Amy, Jan, and Heidi.

Her Aunt Noreen and Aunt Barbie

We all LOVE our Susan. 
I think we each wanted our time sitting with her. 
She stays interested in everything we are doing, and keeps track of the details. Amazing!
Here she is with my SIL Suzanne.

My sister Heidi with Whitney
Baby Baker is due January 23rd!
If you look really close you can see him.

I tried to get a picture of Wendy but she was always intently talking to someone. 
This will be Wendy and my brother Richard's 2nd grandchild and first boy in the family! 
Hailey is their first grandchild and she turned 10 last week. 
So they have all waited a long time for this little baby boy.

Can't wait to hear the news next month!


Richard said...

Wonderful! One correction, Hailey is now 10!

Tyler Heasley said...

I know this is for women and stuff, but it's really cool to see Whitney again. We're excited for them!

Grandma Honey said...

I knew that! Why did I type 9? Please don't tell her. I remember when I was that age it would have been the most offensive thing ever for someone to think I was younger than I was. I'll change it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Whitney and Brett! (and Wendy and Richard) I love Whitney's expressions the most. So very sweet and engaging. (must take after her mother)
Whose home? It is gorgeous! I especially love the staircase. And all the fine details for the shower are so perfect.

Nate and Julie said...

Thanks for sharing these. It's hard to miss so many fun family events, but the pictures help. Whitney does look so happy in each and every picture!

Ashley said...

Congrats Whitney! And thanks for posting Jill!

Whitney Jay said...

I'm so happy to have some pics from my shower, thank you! (Even if I looked a little bit crazed in them)

Karen Mortensen said...

Whitney is so cute. Thanks for posting these pictures. I love the signs by all the food.

grandmapeg said...

I think Hailey looks like Whitney, and Whitney certainly looks like Hailey's mom, Robin. You must have lots of fun at these showers. Thanks for showing the delicious food and those adorable cupcakes!

Grandma Honey said...

Oh Whitney No you don't look crazed. You look absolutely beautiful. Anyone who saw you would agree! And thank you for letting me take the pictures. You have no idea how happy you made me when you said, "Take all the pictures you want!"

Logan and Amy said...

I really wish I could of been able to come to the baby shower!! Congrats to you Whitney!! So happy for you!!!! :)

Sue said...

Your family is so blessed. Congratulations to all!!