Thursday, November 7, 2013

What we can learn from Violet

When ever Violet comes to visit Grandma Honey,
She always goes right to work. As soon as she arrives.
She instinctively knows there's a baby to be fed

and put to sleep.

What is it about little girls just knowing this?
None of my boys played like this. Not at all.

She already knows that no matter how much work they are, or how heavy the load
She'll find a way.

And she finds great joy in her work.
She already knows this!

She will do whatever it takes to provide for her family.
She will find a way to make do with what she has in her cupboard.

 She knows to nurture all living things…even the ones outside.

Or even the ones who appear to be living.

 After a morning's work she deserved to choose her straw.
She wanted to pick just the right color
It's all about wanting to brighten in her little world.

A world she is unknowingly practicing for...

She continues nurturing while eating, with little Foofa tucked securely under her arm.

My favorite part of this day?
I'll tell you.

While I was washing her hands before lunch, she leaned her head towards mine,
put her wet little hands around me and said in this soft angelic itty voice,
"My Grandma. My Grandma Honey." 
Melt my heart little girl.

She'll manage this world just fine.


Karen Mortensen said...

So sweet. Made me tear up a bit.

Anonymous said...

That love you have with your grandkids is so special! What a treat!

Scrapally said...

so cute! Isn't being a grandparent the best?

the Rich girl said...

What a sweetheart!

(And her pink boots are absolutely adorable.)

Lisa said...

CUTEST POST EVER!!! You ought to consider making this post a little booklet! Made my whole day!

grandmapeg said...

What a cute little granddaughter and what a cute little homemaker she is!!! I loved it all!!

Richard said...

What an adorable child! I hope Hailey doesn't mind Violet playing in her kitchen

Ammy said...

What a precious little girl....makes me miss my girls at that age even more.

Sue said...

What darling photos.
She is lucky to have you, Grandma Honey. And you are lucky, too!


Lynn said...

This makes me smile. The first thing she does over here is take a ride on her motorcycle!

Grandma Honey said...

Hi Lynn! Motorcycle? Apparently our Violet is a very diverse little girl!

Kris said...

Oh she is just the sweetest!!!!! What a darling post.