Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Goodbye tile...

A good friend of mine told me it was time.

I knew she was right. And she knew I needed a push.

I'm a tile girl, and I've always loved ours. 
However, the past 2 years we've had too much trouble with it.

But how can I just let someone rip it all up….I raised my boys on these kitchen counter!

I've cooked and baked with my grandchildren on it.

But whether I keep the tile or not, they aren't coming home. 
They will never be like this again. Tile or not.
So it's gotta go.

I had this one friend years ago….whenever they would sell one of their cars, 
she would sit in it, close the doors and just talk to it. At least I don't do that.

Looking around on blogs for ideas on what we wanted to do with our kitchen, I found this sweet story in one of the comments:

This reminds me of the time my friend's husband decided to remodel the kitchen while she was in the hospital. They already had everything "picked", but just hadn't gotten the time to execute their plan. So as she spends 6 days in the hospital recovering from a double mastectomy, he gathers 10 of his closest handy friends to remodel. Sounds like a lovely plan right? It was. Except when she got home, the green/purple vineyard accent tiles she chose (yuck, but I won't go there) were ALL INSTALLED UPSIDE DOWN. The grapes were "hanging" up. LOL!
But what do you do when your husband and his friends go out of their way to make such a lovely gesture? She kept the tiles up. :-)
My sweet friend has since passed on from her third battle with breast cancer, but her family has left the tiles as is for now. It's a reminder of the grace she gave to her husband with his sweet heart. (But I think as soon as they ever decide to sell the house, another remodel will probably solve it as a resale issue. Ha!)


Karen Mortensen said...

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Scrapally said...

You will continue to make memories and take pictures with the family in your "new" kitchen and I can't wait to see it!

pebble said...

So now I cant wait to know what you are replacing the tile with! Tell us soon! :)

Anonymous said...

So what are you replacing it with?

Grandma Honey said...

We keep changing our minds about the details. This was suppose to be a 2 week project but now because of scheduling conflicts with the companies we are working with, it could go on another month….

Sue said...

I love that story about the tiles with the upside-down grapes. So tender.

And you will love being rid of that grout. I just replaced my tile not too many years ago, and I have been so pleased with my granite.


Richard said...

You might wanna think about changing that sink and faucet while you're at it. One month? Dave Shepard could build you a whole new house in that amount of time.

Grandma Honey said...

Right. The sink and faucet is already at the dump. So is the oven and stove, and the microwave will soon join them.

Anonymous said...

So you're eating out for every meal??

Grandma Honey said...

No. We will eventually go out some, but I boiled some eggs and browned some meat before I lost the kitchen. I also have crockpots, my Vita Mix and our food chopper lined up in my laundry room so I'm able to make some simple meals. So far it's an adventure and we're having fun.

Richard said...

Boiled eggs and browned meat? I can hardly wait to visit again.

Grandma Honey said...

No Richard, we don't eat it like that. Today I took those eggs and we had egg salad sandwiches. I can make soup in the crockpot with the meat already browned and ready to go. Forget it, this is too complicated for you.

Heidi Garvin said...

I love that bottom picture!

There isn't even lawn at my parents' house next door, yet. Your house is BRAND NEW in the picture.

Mar~ said...

I'm excited to see your remodel project!
I hope you continue to enjoy your adventure. You were smart to plan ahead for the meals!