Saturday, November 30, 2013

A message from my Mom

Please read this disclaimer first: Below is an excerpt from my Mom's journal 36 years ago on her birthday. She mentions something that my Dad did and I promise you it is the worst thing he has ever done in his life. I'm very serious. I've known him all of my life and this is as bad as it gets with him. My mother would whole heartedly agree. She spoke very highly of him. Okay, as long as you know this, you can read on.

And while my Dad goes by the name of Richard now, back then he was Dick.

December 8, 1977:
Mom's birthday, and she wrote in her journal:

"…Dick gave me $50. --my favorite present-- It is nice having a little "mad money" of my own. He also said 2 things I had hoped he would overlook in honor of the occasion but nobody's perfect. When we got up he said, "Whose turn was it to do the dishes?" (It was Chris' but he had gone to a basketball game.)  

And, when Dick came in about 4:30 , I was talking to Robin on the phone from Provo and he said, "Couldn't you have waited til after 5pm?? (note: this was back in the day when it was cheaper to make calls after 5pm)

I only mention this so someday when I have real trials, I can look back and see how foolish I was to get upset over something so unimportant. He is right of course but did he have to bring it up on my birthday!!!

Life is good. We are all well, warm and comfortable. We love our home and one another---most of the time. I am so thankful for the Gospel that teaches us to value and appreciate the really important things in life.

I wonder if on the Savior's birthday I can help from saying or doing anything that will disappoint Him? I will try! "

Since she kept her journals of her posterity, I think this is her message to us, her children, and whoever else wants to take on this challenge. The Christmas season has just begun.


Anonymous said...

I kept waiting to get to "the worst thing". When I got to the end I thought I must have missed it. Really?? I guess your parents must have been exceedingly nice and polite to each other at all times. Sounds like life was good at your house!

Grandma Honey said...

That's the worst of what we saw and heard. I never once heard my Dad raise his voice to my Mom or to any of us.

Scrapally said...

wow. that is beautiful. She is a great teacher...I bet you find all kinds of good messages in her journals.

lindsay lark said...

Grandpa goes by Richard now? News to me!

I really love it when you post excerpts from Grandma's journal. She was a remarkable woman and I have always admired her- I just wish I could have known her in my adult years. Thankfully she left so much written wisdom for us to remember her by and learn from.

Karen Mortensen said...

What great people your parents are.

grandmapeg said...

Her message is a great one for everyone! You are so fortunate to have all of these journals and pictures of your parents!

Lisa said...

Your Mom is clearly aware of the slight & the humanity of the situation. Journaling helps the mind process everything quicker than our thoughts alone, you can see she felt, got over it & intended to do better. If that's the worst thing your Dad did, he can be my husband any day! : )