Sunday, November 24, 2013

17 years ago

The anniversary comes around every year. I usually call my sons or they call me. But this year, no, I haven't even mentioned it to them. I was even with Brock and Logan today for lunch, along with their families, and it wasn't even brought up. Why is that? Have we healed? I know they haven't forgotten.

But still, it's in the air. Especially this year because their Dad was killed Nov. 23rd, 5 days before Thanksgiving in 1996. Yesterday was a Saturday, and it was also Nov 23. It all came back in flashbacks all day long. Not in a bad way anymore. Rather, it was what it was, and in a moving on sort of way.

17 years. A lot has happened to us in all that time. Many, many blessings. If I could have only seen our futures during those very dark days of our lives….

I've been watching Time out for Women this weekend in Utah via my computer. I got to hear Sheri Dew talking about Emilie Parker… of the little kindergarteners killed in that horrible Sandy Hook shooting last December. Sheri Dew's quote sums up what I have come to know also:

"Even in the face of unspeakable tragedy, Gods love HEALS. Heals hearts, Heals pain, heals worry. God's love is stronger than anything else." 

I know this, without a doubt.

And I so wish I could show little Emilie Parker's video today, the one that was made for Time Out For Women this past weekend, but I guess it has not been released yet. It basically shows what has happened to her family the past year since her death. I will keep looking for it…

This is Emilie's Mom's response when asked why God let this happen to her little girl:
"God allows each of us to make our own choices, good and bad. Because that is the only way that good can be in us, if we freely choose it over all else."


Rebecca said...

It is interesting you post this, because I was just thinking of you this week and remembering this.
My thoughts are with you as are my prayers. I am glad you write about it, I think it is a good thing to put it down in memory here!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a very nice post Jill. I love your thoughts and insights that you have.

Scrapally said...

That is beautiful. I love the quotes and I hope to see that video. You are amazing and I am glad you share your insights that we can all learn from. I didn't know you could see time out for women on the computer!

Grandma Honey said...

I think it's something new they are doing. It cost around $9. (can't remember the cents) and I have a month to watch it. I can stop and start it and rewind. It's been great being there without being there!

Anonymous said...

You have a lot of wisdom born from experience, both painful and pleasureful, Jill. And I appreciate all that you have to share. Many blessings have come to you in spite, or maybe because, of the pain you've endured. I admire you and love you so much.

Ammy said...

Time does heal us but it doesn't make you forget or make you forget how you hurt. Every August 19 (and his birthday, and holidays, their anniversary) I remember what I was doing, wearing, the smells, comes like a flashback and its been 31 years. Something I ALWAYS will remember my mom telling us, " we all lost your dad...just one person. Look at all the people he lost." That seemed to help. I loved Sherri Dews quote! I needed it more today than ever...thank you , Jill.

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings about this anniversary. I feel that it will bring hope to many hearts that are hurting this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!