Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our tomorrow

Den and I stayed home most of today just loving every minute watching General Conference.
This is where we receive counsel and direction from our leaders that is prevalent to our lives right now.

Tomorrow we get to see more.

It's great having a laptop. I just carried conference all over the house with me today.


Scrapally said...

My two favorite weekends of the year! It has been fabulous! And we got to actually GO to yesterday afternoon's session. It is awesome to be in the conference center...but I really do love to just be comfy at home watching it on a big screen. :)

Lisa said...

It is a blessing indeed! PS: I love your son Brock too. : ) You have such great kids & their lives are so unique & amazing & FULL. I'm glad I get to peek into your lives and they are so willing to share. Thank you.

Ammy said...

Its my favorite weekend (1 of 2) of the year too! My girls actually let me listen without too many distractions.

Sue said...

Wasn't it a great conference? I especially love the Saturday sessions, and my favorite talks were Uchtdorf, Holland, and Bednar...but there were so many good ones.