Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I've got my life back!

Den got home late last night from Logan, Utah. 
What a beautiful sight he is to me!

Watch this slow mo with the grandchildren.

So happy he came home with pictures…

Jessica, Rachel, Mike, Jacob, Kris, Katelyn

I wish he would have come home with a picture of Kim and Ryan and their 3 kids, too!

Sunday dinner with the family and Kris and Mike's house

Den and Robby

Really? Rachel is shooting?

Grandpa Den is getting so thin he is 
practically disappearing amongst the grandkids.
Jessica, Jacob, Emily, Rachel, Katelyn, Robbie, and Matt

And our favorite part are the love notes Den brings back with him. 
This time it was from Rachel, (the 6 year old shooter above)
I asked Den why Rachel wrote Please and Police in those two little boxes. 
He said she had asked Jacob how to spell police and he thought she said please.
I guess the police represents who grandpa use to be.

But my favorite part is the post-it note she wrote and attached to the back of his envelope:

Rachel's just making sure her Grandpa Shelley knows he is LOVED.


Anonymous said...

Lovely family! And they sure love their grandpa!

Scrapally said...

What great pictures and I love the slo mo! Those love notes are very sweet! We can see the love!

Kris said...

Reminds me of a little tune... "It's always fun when grandpa comes, when grandpa comes hooray!" Love you dad. We miss you already.

the Rich girl said...

So, I showed the video to Rich, and he had us watch it about 5 times. "Dennis, again?"

Wish we could have been there. We miss our Logan family!!

Sue said...

I'll bet it's great to have him back.

Dave always takes pictures for me, too, and little videos. It helps!


Karen Mortensen said...

Great pictures. Glad he had a good time and got back safely.

Lisa said...

PRICELESS & I LOVE how he visits them often. I never stop being amazed by how good looking all your posterity is!