Monday, October 21, 2013

Some of us were born to cut and paste.

For my third birthday my mom gave me a pencil box and school desk.
The box was filled with scissors, paste, pencils, and a ruler.
I still remember because she gave me that same gift many times over.
My Mom always knew what I wanted.

I am not a crafter, at all. But I do love to cut and paste to this day.
Funny how we are who we are.

I guess that explains why I am having so much fun with my little Smash book...take a look:
(and no, that is not me in this video.)

If you don't like the book idea you could always dance to the great music!

I fill my Smash book with home decor DIY ideas.
I'm starting another for recipes I want to try.

On another note:
Is it just me, or does my head look out of proportion to my body in that picture above? don't answer :)
I hope I've outgrown that.

This make me think of how my Dad use to say just about every time the Ed Sullivan show
was on back in the day, "His head is too big for his body."
He'd say that about Andy Williams, too.
Yet, my Mom would say no Rozier could ever find a hat big enough for his head!
She also use to say, "It takes one to know one."

Sorry to Ed and Andy. I mean no disrespect.


Lisa said...

I've never heard of Smash books but I totally enjoyed this post!

Anonymous said...

I think it's that style to dress with the tiny yoke and neck hole and makes it look that way. In fact, I'm guessing that dress was too small for you. Maybe worn for a second year? I'm sure you were perfectly-proportioned, Jill! Ha!

Scrapally said...

Great idea! very creative...and your picture looks great!

Grandma Honey said...

That sounds about right Darlene....wearing that dress for another year. I think we wore our clothes till we could no longer get them on!

Sue said...

I love those little books. Such fun.

My eldest son's big head is merely to house his incredibly large brain.

Or so he claims...


Karen Mortensen said...

Cute idea. Love it.