Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not really terrible, but that's how it feels

In an attempt to organize all the pictures in the house, I found this today.....

I knew it would make Dennis happy, But ....but not that much.

He excitedly took it from my hand and about 5 minutes later I heard him from the other room say over and over, "This is terrible. This is terrible." Just as I thought.

I poked my head back in and looked to see him studying his children's little pictures...
the ones he carried in his wallet every where he went for years.
He was shaking his head as he was looking at one after another.

"I know. I know." was all I could say.

Then suddenly said he needed to scan them all.
"I know. I know." I said again. It's what I expected.

His babies. Do we ever as a parent get over the passion and love we felt for our little ones? 
NO, we don't. Not ever.

My father in law use to tell me when my 4 sons were little,
"Oh it's terrible when they grow up. Terrible." There's that word again.
At the time, I do remember thinking...that doesn't sound too bad to me.
Imagine all the time I would have to myself...

But I felt safe thinking that at the time, 
because it seemed like science fiction for them to grow up and leave me.....
like it couldn't possibly really happen. And yet, here we are. Eight children between us.
All married and gone.

Do you want to see a little sampling of what's so terrible?
What if you put these pictures in your wallet 40 years ago and just rediscovered them today?

And a little bit grown up version
They would pretty much melt any parent's heart.

As we would expect, Dennis was involved in everything.

On another note (not to be confused with the family above)
Take a look at the joy that's about ready to come into this family.
Two Christmas Eves ago they were hit by a drugged driver.
While their 3 year old son survived, their 18 month old was instantly killed,
and both parents were in critical condition. She is now 34 weeks pregnant with triplet girls.
Who would have thought. Take a look here.


Scrapally said...

what cute pictures! And I have spent all afternoon reading that other do you find these heartwrenching blogs? I am so happy for them, but heartbroken over what they went through. I have to stop reading now and get back to my own reality...and blow my nose. :)

grandmapeg said...

Love the old pictures and our children sure do grow up fast. Thanks for the link to that story. How terrible for the loss of her little boy but that is exciting that she is having triplets. I didn't realize they have rear facing car seats for the toddlers. My kids have always been so excited when their babies get old enough to turn forward, but I'll have to look into this.

Anonymous said...

As for the "terrible" part: I'm over it now, but I used to mourn my children. I used to mourn being a mother to my little children. It wasn't that I didn't want them to grow up. I did. It's just thinking about them when they were little made me realize the NOTHING was more interesting to me than that time of life when my kids were little and I was in charge of them. I was totally fascinated by the "project" of raising these human beings. There is just nothing like that job. Nothing more engaging and meaningful. And no one captures your heart like your own child.

Grandma Honey said...

But Darlene, don't you still get blind sided by a picture at times? Den and I are loving being empty nesters....this is such a special time of life and we really enjoy it....but then we still have our moments when we will have flashbacks and ache to go back there even for a few minutes.

Sue said...

I get quite a tug looking at old pictures, too.

Thanks for linking to the story about the mom who is having triplets. I'm glad she has done well and admire her faith going forward.

Such a sad loss, but now a blessed gain, too.

Life is like that, isn't it?


Grandma Honey said...

Scrapally....A friend told me about that blog and I've been reading it since the crash. That little family has been through so much suffering...

Anonymous said...

I lost the ache a while back. Now I just love seeing the pictures and feel all warm and fuzzy at the recollections. (Remember, my oldest is middle-aged! It's been a while!)

Kris said...

Oh my goodness! This post made me teary and brings me a smile at the same time. Love you dad. Thanks Jill for sharing this!